Sony Smart Watch 3 and iPhone in Tandem (simultaneous connection)



Doc, I am also using the Smartwatch 3 as my collector for my G5. It works better as the collector than my Huawei phone. Hope it will keep working when I change to G6 next week.

Is there a link somewhere to your settings in xDrip+ or do you have a list? I don’t understand some of them, and am not on Facebook so can’t access the help group.

I occasionally have to uninstall and reinstall xDrip+ when it stops working on the phone.



@Randy I’ll put together screenshots of all my settings on the Note 8. Should have it all by tomorrow. I’m also due to change to the G6 on my next sensor change. Maybe we can work out the problems together!


Thanks! You may have been the first poster I saw on the Sony blog talking about your setup. If so, you inspired me to order the Smartwatch 3 and eventually to make it the primary collector.

I still carry the Dexcom receiver for the moments when xDrip+ stops working. That worries me at night.

My Animas Vibe still has three years to go and I don’t think I want the Medtronic 670g, so may pony up to buy a Tandem.



Mate! It was the phone! A work colleague let me use his Google Pixel 2XL and everything worked flawlessly. I’m now running the Sony Smart Watch 3 as my primary collector. This is f@#king incredible! Thank you so much for your assistance and patience. I’m going to buy a pixel phone and run from there. Thanks again!!!


@Tim07NOV18 That’s awesome! If you need any more help just ring me up!


I guess the very final question is: it looks as though you can enter calibrations directly into the watch without having to use the phone all the time? I know you said the phone is required for general upkeep etc. but can I enter calibration into the watch during standalone mode i.e. force wear collector?


@Tim07NOV18 You can enter the glucose value on the watch (and any treatment for that matter), but for it to calibrate you have to set it to allow that. In settings>>glucose meters>>automatic calibrations. It’s experimental, but give it a try.

In any event, the phone won’t pick up the glucose reading uuntil it’s near the phone (in Bluetooth range).


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Soo epic.


@Randy I’m writing an xDrip+ settings wiki as we speak, complete with photos. It should be done in a couple days. I think you’ll find the info you need in it.

Let me know if you need assistance in the interim.


I bought myself an android phone (galaxy s8) and have been using xDrip with great success. Being able to just use the watch is incredible. Thanks again for all your help!

I had a couple further questions if you don’t mind,
the back fill feature that my g5 could do with the Dexcom app doesn’t appear to work with xDrip but I assumed this is maybe just a setting change somewhere?

Also, when I go surfing it loses connection the entire session. Im not completely submerged all the time and trying to troubleshoot why this would be the case? My only theory is water being held in my neoprene wetsuit top and working as a blanket of water covering the transmission? Wasn’t sure if you had any ideas to boost connection reliability?

As always thank you in advance!


@Tim07NOV18 The phone should be backfilled by the watch when they come in proximity. I do that all the time, and it’s pretty cool to watch the backfill process while it’s happening.

As far as the connectivity problem under water, I have no idea. But you won’t get backfill from the transmitter like with Dexcom, it comes from the watch. So if the watch gets no reading it has no data to transfer to the phone.