Resetting G5 transmitter with xDrip+

I just reset my G5 transmitter with xDrip+

Had to google for instructions on how to enable Engineering Mode, then for the transmitter reset instructions. Found both and reset the transmitter. Time now shows 0 days, and the fib about the low battery has changed to OK.


@Randy, could you give more detailed info on your method?

A How-to would be great!

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I have switched to G6 now and this memory is fading fast . . .

  1. Enable Engineering Mode, a mode designed for developers that could potentially allow you to break everything. As posted on Github:

    • From the xDrip home screen press the Treatment button [Syringe icon]
    • Now either tap the Microphone icon to speak or long press it to type text.
    • Speak or Type the command enable engineering mode

    If it worked then you should see a pop-up message saying that engineering mode is enabled.

  2. The rest of the instructions have also been posted by Jamorham on Github:
    [FEATURE REQUEST] Reset G5 clock timer #386
    as follows:
    Try the 9th April nightly: (by that I assume Jamorham means any nightly xDrip update will work now.)
    -Enable engineering mode (see wiki)
    -Set up as normal
    -Enable OB1 collector in G5 debug settings
    -{Tap on the syringe icon and microphone icon}
    -Use the voice command hard reset transmitter
    -Command will be processed the next time data would be read
    -Observe the System Status tab for what is happening

These instructions worked for me and reset my G5 transmitter. It worked fine after that, but I changed to the G6 after a couple of weeks. @docslotnick has a thread up about how long transmitter life can be extended. You would have to keep a close eye on it, since you won’t get another warning when it’s about to fail.

Not sure I will even try this with the G6 I am now using.

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@Randy As of right now the G6 battery indicator is not working. But I would bet that within 3 months it will be fixed.

Full G6 integration is a work in progress, but that should be a minor inconvenience.

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@Randy, this is outstanding! I might just turn this thread into a wiki!

I am curious: why isn’t it worth it to extend the G6 transmitter?

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After saying that, I will probably extend the G6 transmitter too. I want to know how to do that in case I am caught with no replacement. And for the same reason I will experiment with replacing the battery when it dies. I did that with a G4 and it eased the anxiety about getting a replacement.

But Dexcom eventually has to make some money after all their years of losses. We do want them around!

Putting the instructions in one place was in part a payback for @docslotnick’s help with my Sony watch.



hello…I just read your post regarding resetting the g5 transmitter. I’ve downloaded xDrip+ and followed the instructions you gave.
Questions below

  1. When I’m ready to reset the transmitter I’ll have to start a new sensor session with the transmitter I want to reset, right?
  2. When the reset is complete how will I resume rec’ing data on my tandem pump. I do not own a receiver.
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Sorry to say I have no experience with the Tandem. You do have to start a new session after resetting the transmitter, but it can be with the same sensor. My Dexcom receiver just started the new session when I told it to, so maybe the Tandem will too. I would ask the Tandem support people if it does not–they must have had the question before.


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ty for responding Randy!!!

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If the t:slim won’t start with the reset transmitter, one thing to try (I’m just making this up, I have no idea whether it actually works) is change the transmitter ID by 1 number, tell the pump to start that new transmitter, and when it fails change the transmitter ID back to the right number and tell the pump to start a new session. If anyone knows if this works, or of any way that’s known to work, please chime in.

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I have just tried this, with my G6 transmitter at 77 days. (I know, most would wait until 90.)

But am using my last G6 sensor (from my Costco rebate special), which is on day 17 and getting flakey.

Just wanted to report the reset worked, and status shows 0 transmitter days. But seems this also triggered a stop and start sensor, so now in 2 hour warm up.

Screenshot showing jittery readings, but close, while G6 receiver was showing sensor error.

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Hi - brand new here. Question: after I reset my transmitter, must I use only the xDrip app for it to work past the original sudden death date? My Dexcom App still lists my original activation date, while CDrip shows the transmitter at Day 0. If so, must I uninstall the Dexcom App? My endo is not going to be happy if I do that…

(Background: I have twice restarted my current G6 sensor (!) - and today used XDrip to reset my transmitter, which is due to expire in a couple weeks. (I’m on day 91 today). On the XDrip App, the transmitter displays Day 0, but on my Dexcom receiver and in the Dexcom App, it still displays my original activation date, 2/20/19.

Today I stopped (but did not uninstall) Dexcom App, had Bluetooth forget it, installed Xdrip, entered the transmitter number into XDrip, calibrated as requested, waited for a couple readings to come in to be sure it was up and running and connected, entered engineer mode, enabled OB1 collector, entered the command hard reset transmitter, waited, and got the message that it had been reset, saw the Day 0 reading on the status page. I also immediately got the message from my (apparently not-so-forgotten Dexcom App that my sensor had expired (it was due to expire tomorrow). I waited to see if XDrip would restart my still-inserted old sensor, but it did not. (I did tick the box for auto-restarts.) After half an hour +. I used the Dexcom receiver to do a sensor restart, and 2 hours 15 minutes later, I see that it worked, I calibrated and my old sensor is up and running now, on the Dexcom app and receiver. HOWEVER, both Dexcom items say the transmitter is about to expire, and show my original activation date back in March.) 2 hours later, my phone has lost the signal, but the receiver is still going strong. Waiting for the phone to pick it up again.

What now?

Just my guess, but I think G6 app/receiver would do hard stop when trans days = 112, based on what has been posted by others.

@docslotnick may have better answer.

@Heather I think the problem is that you still have connection from the Dexcom app. If you have the Dexcom app and xDrip+ installed on the same phone I don’t understand how it’s even working. Even if it’s on another phone it’s still communicating with the transmitter.

Basically, the app does not recognize the restart, the app communicates to the receiver, so the receiver does not know about the restart.

Uninstall the Dexcom app, don’t just turn it off. Put the receiver in a Faraday bag, or just put it in the other room more than 20 feet away. Now you have no transmitter-Dexcom communication.

Then do an xDrip+ hard reset. Verify that it’s reset. Then you can reinstall the Dexcom app and/or reconnect the transmitter.


@docslotnick thank you. In the meantime, my sensor finally fell off after 22 days and two restarts. ok. I just put a new sensor in and it’s warming up, but i used my Dexcom receiver to insert and start up the new sensor, because I could not figure out how to do it using xdrip only. I can see the ‘waiting for warm-up’ indication on both the receiver and the Xdrip app. When I started the new sensor the Dexcom receiver gave me the warning that the transmitter will only last through one more session. I gather the thing to do at this point is to wait for the warm-up to finish, power off the receiver, put it in a faraday bag or the microwave, and then do a hard restart of the transmitter and restart the new sensor. I may want to wait until day 9 to do this, just in case something goes wrong, I don’t want to assassinate the sensor for no good reason.

I’ve looked all over the forums but haven’t found an answer to my question, is it possible to insert a new sensor with code and warm it up using only the Xdrip App?

I think I found a way to get G6 receiver to recognize transmitter reset, but my transmitter died shortly after reset.

I did the voice command from xdrip to reset, and xdrip went to 0 days. But receiver still showed original start date (in feb).

So I updated receiver trans id by one char, saved (bogus ID). This cleared out the old date, but of course could not find bogus transmitter.
So then updated receiver again, back to original trans id.

Then receiver found original trans id, reread, showed new (reset) date as transmitter start (while xDrip showed 0 days).

Got through sensor restart (on a dying sensor), but pretty sure receiver would have continued to read reset transmitter if I had another sensor. It worked another couple days, but very spotty data. Might have some pics to post.

This was G6.
Now I’m back to G4s, and using xdrip with G4, so will be awhile before I try this again.

Yes, absolutely. You just tap the “hamburger” icon, choose Start Sensor, and it takes you through the whole routine, even the 2 hour warm-up.

BTW, you can put 2 calibrations in any time during those 2 hours. The display still waits until the two hours is up before displaying the readings, but you do get a directional arrow.

My first day with XDrip and also with an Android phone…so a real newbie.
I am trying to reset my 81xxxx G6 Dexcom transmitter with Xdrip. I inserted a new sensor and have gone through the “hard reset transmitter” command but have not seen anything that says it worked. For awhile Sensor Status said Attempting transmitter reset please wait or something like that. But now is just says OK 3.7 hours. But the Transmitter Days still shows 97/97.2 So, I read somewhere that I should restart the sensor and it would be ok. I cannot find the instructions for that so would I Hit the Hamburger, Stop Sensor, Don’t stop, just reset all calibrations. And then check System Status to see if it went to zero? Or is there a better path?

@Toni Yes, you can try that. If that doesn’t work, just try a standard sensor restart by stopping the sensor and then restarting it.

Don’t feel bad, a lot of people have been having a problem resetting that transmitter.

If using xDrip only, with G6 (or G5), can you just keep going on transmitter, past the 90/112 day limit and not use standard dexcom receiver/app?