Remember Fresca & TaB when they came out?

If you do you’re a pretty old betic :rofl:

I remember Fresca coming out first although Wiki says it came out in 1966. TaB according to Wiki came out in 1963. No matter they were both equally horrible but something us D’s could drink. Years past then came the Diet Pepsi vs Diet Coke crowd. You know the ones that look at you for drinking the wrong kind of soda. I decided to stay neutral placing my addiction with Diet Dr Pepper. :joy:

Cheer, Sobe :smiley:
PS: Parents keep your young ones away from the sodas, addiction is a hard thing to break :neutral_face:


Yes, somehow I managed to survive the dire warnings of saccharine I guess another reason not to be a mouse…lol.

I just discovered Fresca margaritas. How did I go this long without knowing!!!


I really think you’re on to something. All we have to do is get rid of all those white lab mice then we all will be ok :wink:

Although I am aware that somethings that do not sound too good can be great. I think I am going to just have to trust you on this :joy:

Edit: PS nice bike!

Cheers, Sobe :smiley:


I need to look into that!


My teenage brother used to love Fresca. He was completely healthy. He was in High School Football and Wrestling. I hated it, but it was always in the house and I think sometime in my teenage years I started drinking it every once in a while. I don’t remember it being associated with 0 sugar, but I was a teen and healthy and didn’t really pay attention to those kind of things. I never remember liking Tab, but I remember I think I liked the commercials!


I’m old enough to recall both Tab and Fresca! Tab was just don’t have much flavor and Fresca tasted, while having an interesting flavor, reminded me of something you’d clean with! Having said the latter, I can see using it to mix margaritas!!

Of course that’s coming from a guy desperate to keep the daiquiris flowing at a college part, running out of limeade, so used grape-aide and Kook aid!


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I can’t imagine anyone drinking it unless they had a reason. I know for sure I would never have had it in the house if I did have the big D but this tread has made me curious. I see Walmart sales it in 12 packs going to see if they sell singles.

This brought back all kinds of memories past the Fresca thing. I also Wrestled in High School but my main sport was Racing Motorcross. I broke my foot racing & the Wrestling Coach made me run wind sprints with a guy the weight class above on my back, It was too early on my foot so I quite. Of course that was the year they went CIF State Champions. :upside_down_face: my bad for quitting.


Fresca Margaritas & Mojitos I didn’t see it blended but I imagine you could do that if desired.

Cheers, stay thirsty my friend :smiley:


:rofl: Oh that is funny!

:rofl: another one hit out of the park! The last resort college guy was finding the Gin & Hawaiian Punch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for the link @SobeiT!

I have always been making my own marg mix instead of the ones they sell, which have a lot of sugar.

In a traditional marg, you use Agave to sweeten it, which still has a lot of sugar. So I have been cutting the agave amount, and adding some diet sprite to help sweeten it.

I will try it with Fresca. :+1:

I remember Tab. It wasn’t great, but it was tolerable. I also remember the great saccharin scare in the 70’s, and we thought they were going to get rid of Tab.

When Diet Coke came out, that was a game-changer. So much better than either Tab or Diet Pepsi.


I think Fresca is getting a Rebirth here :star_struck:

The other white powder :scream:

Susan 1_0
Tortured History of Artificial Sweeteners

I remember that saccharin scare in the 70’s. Also the Aspartame thing. My sister was a small aircraft pilot she refused to drink Aspartame because she thought it would make her blackout. She would only drink FULL ON sugar drinks. She had a problem with obesity, surprised the plane would even get off the ground :expressionless:

SEE :roll_eyes: I knew this thread would bring out the mine is better than yours thing :joy:

Love it! Cheers :smiley:


I was diagnosed T1D in October 1970 just when the ban on cyclamate sweetener came down. I remember other diabetics swooning at how much better Fresca was with that over saccharine.

Fresca was still the first sugar free pop I had (technically then I was living in Maryland where pop was called soda).

When I was on extended projects in Guadalajara in 2015-2016 I got to very much favor ordering a Paloma with Fresca (tequila, grapefruit soda, lime, salt).



Greetings to the Great White North

I don’t know anything about that Paloma drink but about the same time as you I did live on Las Playas de Rosarito (Rosarito Beach, Mexico) for almost 2 years. Kind of wish I had of bought the sailboat instead :grin:


When I was young in this part of Texas it was called, soddie wader. Now many call them all coke.



Even when it’s a Pepsi :upside_down_face:


Yes, even if it’s Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew or that real abomination Big Red.
“What kind of coke you want, Hon?” “Dr. Pepper, please.”


Xerox :grin:

that is all :rofl:


Trying this tonight.

But will add some triple sec or Grand Marnier along with the tequila, just to stay traditional.


My Mom always went upscale, Grand Marnier oui, triple sec no.


Fresca Margarita 's … and I’m only finding out about this now after stopping alcohol ! Zut alors! Fresca …Tab was a treat for me on holidays in America. I never took to pop drinks due to tight fisted food budget with Mum. So it was water or tea (am British). Nowadays, have a soda stream. Use city water, and add an enhancer of squirt stuff or lemon/lime juice.

Though when traveling, picking up a can or bottle of Fresca is the first thing I look for.

Thanks for the memories (and we’re not old :kissing_heart:)

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