Remember Fresca & TaB when they came out?

So so how was it Eric (can’t seem to tag you so going this route) ? Despite my saying I no longer drink alcohol … I do have all.those bottles still in liquor cabinet .


You’re welcome!

Cheers :smiley:

It was pretty good. A bit different than the normal margarita I am used to!


I am buying Fresca at my grocery store now. They are selling it there for the last 12+ months. I love the grapefruit flavor. It is one of my favorite soft drinks.


@Richard157 Ok you talked me into it. I got to get me a can… not 0 cans, not 2 cans, not 12 cans but a can, meaning one :grin:

I am thinking @FatCatAnna is right we’re not getting older we’re getting better & my taste may have charged & just maybe I would like the stuff now :upside_down_face:

I know I should like drinking water but as a kid I saw in my fish tank what those fish did in it :woozy_face: not a pretty sight.

Fresca & TaB was what started my addiction. After 50 years I might as well return to the scene & give it another try :joy: