I watched this tonight and it brought back lots of memories

If you watch this and can relate, then congratulations! You know what it’s like to be poor! lol. I related to 95% of those foods.

Poor Kids Diet

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For me it was school cafeteria giveaway bread (free!), the cheapest cheese in the store, on special (typically a tiny bit moldy on one edge), and peanut butter.

I never went as low as hamburger helper and spaghetti-o :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if these are poor kid foods or more like “children of the 70s/80s” foods. I ate a ton of these but we were financially totally fine.

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Maybe add 90s to that - we weren’t exactly poor (there were just a lot of us, lol), but I ate a lot of these, too.

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I totally envied people who got Hamburger Helper as a kid. And also, how did Kraft macaroni and cheese not make this list?! Or at least generic mac and cheese. Did anyone have the yellow box stuff?
Generic foods, with big black letters. Maybe it’s on the children of the 80’s list. Because, yah, I ate a lot of that.

It surprises me that I spend so much time thinking about food on this forum. :fries::pizza::popcorn::canned_food::shallow_pan_of_food:

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I often wish there was a 3x like button on the forum. Then you’d all know how much I’m laughing when I read/watch your posts.