Nicky's Chip Challenge


OMG you are my spirit animal, @Nickyghaleb!!! ROFL


Depends on your perspective… but I think it will be fun for me.

Is that your local slang for getting a bad case of the shi*s?


Sorry, I didn’t respond to any of this yesterday. I was in the middle of some serious stuff with my DN.

Wasn’t Jack Nicholson the bad guy in that movie?


I mean, the way Aaron Sorkin wrote it, yes.

But he still made valid points. And it’s a fantastic scene.

And when you go all “I’m not acknowledging you bc I’m working on the bigger picture”, it’s fun to see what all you refuse to respond to.


There was a lot going on with this yesterday.

Sometimes these threads are like a cat with a ball of yard. I was focusing on DN yesterday and nothing else.

My Nicky is on the same page with me, and I am happy about that. She had a great day.


@Eric, yet my sarcasm and joy lives on! :grinning::grinning:


Party’s over now. All the fun stuff was last night. Now it’s just me and the chips again. Well, us and my pride. Which is just hanging around like a fifth wheel… making it all really awkward.


Okay. That was funny.


Domino’s in my town does! We just had a discussion about it last week!

Although I can’t recommend their crispy crust pizza, because it’s gross IMO. EH loved it though AND it was a pretty manageable BG curve too, for pizza anyhow. (Yes, all of those have gluten, if you were wondering. I’m in the middle of a gluten challenge before getting endoscopy in case you were curious and/or judging. Dominos was a bit of a waste of gluten, should’ve just had a donut! :rofl:)


@docslotnick, another anchovy fan here!

Spain is paradise for anchovy eaters. Come visit before we leave! They even have different names for anchovies prepared in different ways.

@Nickyghaleb, I am offering this aside to take your mind off the chocolate chips.


Always, Eric. Except for when you’re wrong and are on the wrong page, but always when you’re right. :grin:

I appreciated the message I got from you today about the running. You offered up a run to help me through today, and I declined and made my usual jokes. However, when you talked to me about what you were hoping I’d get from that run, it really tapped into something I haven’t thought or felt before. So I thought I’d put it in here on record in case I forget it all (or deny it all) down the road. :grin:

So you said:
How do you feel when you’re done with the chips?

And I said:
crappy, demoralized, defeated, mad. If I didn’t say disappointed, I should’ve. That one’s huge.

You said:
Like you can’t? Like you can’t stop yourself? Like you’re not capable? Like you’re weak?


Then you explained the run you had wanted me to take… which was not 12 miles. Just a hard (for me) 3. You had wanted me to push and get through it as a contrast to all of those emotions up there. As soon as you started explaining it though, I started thinking of how running feels and told you I could imagine all of those feelings and understood what you were talking about.

So how do you feel at the end of a run?

Capable. Strong. Even if it gets hard, I know I will get through it. I know I won’t quit.

And that was it. All of it was it, but that piece was new. How can I be Nicky who knows she can’t AND Nicky who knows she can? There’s nothing wrong with that part of me; I call on it everyday. And this is no different than a long uphill against a strong wind.

I kind of hope no one is reading this all the way down here. I like to write about meaningful things in my life, and this is a big one— I could put it in a notebook and put it away, but why? I’ve been struggling with my relationship with food since the day I was diagnosed with diabetes. I don’t think I’ve been cured of the struggle, but I’ve got a new weapon, and it’s a really good one.

We are on the same page, Eric. And I really have had a great day.

So not exactly Yoda… but close. :wink:


And it’s working really well. :grin:

You do know what anchovies are, right??

If you want to talk about caviar and sardines, too, it would pretty much seal the deal. :grin:


Omg, @Nickyghaleb … !!! I can’t find the words!

OK, I can, but for that I have to switch to French (don’t laugh now @Nickyghaleb) to quote the British (!!!): “Honi soit qui mal y pense!”


Thank goodness for Google translator and my ability to translate this without having to locate a Frenchman…

And according to that… when you said,

You were actually saying…”Honi be who thinks badly!”



“Ostracized (or detestable) be the one who took this the wrong way” :slight_smile:

It is the motto of the British Order of the Garter, pronounced, it Is said, by King Edward III.

So disappointed you missed my (horrible) multilevel pun…

(Of course you know what French means…)


You have gone 5 days without touching the chips in that bag. Those chips are still calling out for you, but you don’t even hear them anymore. Their cries are muffled. Totally imperceptible to you now.

They are pleading to you, but they have lost their grip over you.

You own that bag of chips, but they no longer own you.


No… it was a delightful (horrible) multilevel pun! :rofl: I didn’t miss it at all— just needed a little extra help with it. :grin:

If this is how we’re doing jokes from now on, I’m going to need something more reliable than Google Translator. :grin:



I thought I just couldn’t hear them because of how far down in my belly they were.


I actually was going to come through here today to update the thread with my (very proud) announcement that I haven’t touched those mickyflicks. Not a one. I don’t like to jinx things, so I won’t talk about any kind of success or victory here, but I’ll just say the last five days have been defined by confidence and control… and tonight’s looking pretty promising. :hugs:

@glitzabetes, I know you know this, but you’re not alone in your mission to untangle it all. :heart: