Making a custom case

I never like the pre-formed diabetes kits, because everyone’s needs are different. Most of those things don’t fit exactly what I want to carry on trips.

I made this custom case for longer trips. It has a place for exactly what I need. And it was pretty easy to make.

I started with a case that was for electronics or stuff like that.

Then I got some of this customizeable foam. It has perforated squares that let you cut it to size for whatever you want.

Here is what I ended up with:

There is no wasted space, and there are compartments to securely hold all the stuff I need for a week long trip.

On a side note, I pack with redundancy in mind. I carry a vial of Levemir in case my PDM gets lost or dies, so I can roll over to MDI. I have 2 meters that use the same type of strip (FreeStyle Lite meter and the PDM) in case either one dies. And I have syringes and pen for backup too.

A week’s worth of stuff, all in a case that is only 6.5" x 8.5", and everything held very securely.

Try the custom foam and build your own.


Nice Job with the foam. We have a similar case, but I hadn’t thought of the foam. Good idea! You never cease to amaze.


Nice! One question @Eric, is the foam the squeaky/scratchy kind that will make an awful sound as it scratches against your fingernails?

It is the soft kind.

Not the Styrofoam cooler type.

Have you ever seen The Professional? There’s something very reminiscent of that. :grin:

This is a great idea. You also mentioned making a meter holder for running…is there a thread on that one?

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Yes, right here: