Dexcom "case" modification for travel

One of the most annoying things about the Dexcom G6 is the huge and very awkward plastic case. It’s always hard to pack those things for travel.

I wanted to get everything into my small pack but I couldn’t get it all to fit, no matter how I tried to arrange it.

So I made my own Dexcom “case”. It’s just wrapped up tightly in plastic Saran Wrap, and then taped securely to keep it airtight.


Here everything is in a very small kit:

  • a spare sensor
  • 3 vials (an extra NovoLog vial and a Levemir vial in case of pump failure, and all of them are in the vial protectors)
  • an emergency glucagon kit
  • 3 pods
  • 100 test strips (I crammed all I could into a single test strip vial to save space!)
  • In the zippered pocket on the top of the case I have swabs, syringes, and spare lancets

I carry my BG meter in my pocket so I don’t need to pack that.

Yay, it all fits because of my homemade Dexcom plastic “case.”


You still use Glucagon??? We switched to Baqsimi because it’s much easier in an emergency to use. That would buy you extra room in your kit also! Nice kit!


I do!

The problem with Baqsimi is that it is one-size-fits-all. It’s only 1 dose amount (3mg), whether you weigh 50 pounds or 300 pounds.



When Leslie gives me glucagon, she only gives me 1/4 of the amount in the vial. That’s always enough to get me awake. And then I am able to eat or not eat, depending on if I need more or don’t need more.

I never need more than 1/4 of it. (But if I do not wake up, she knows to wait about 15 minutes and then give me more.)

Early on in our marriage, she gave me the whole thing and my BG spiked up to about a million. I told her to never give me more than 1/4 after that happened!

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But, at least according to the instructions (i know we don’t follow those here many times), once it’s made it only works for a certain amount of time after combined. I figured it was so you could micro dose what you need. We have never even used anything up till now although we always carry it. I think we did use glucagon waaaaay back and i probably made a post about it, when Liam was sick and habitually low, but I don’t remember it helping. I know the Baqsimi is one dose fits all but when Liam is low enough that we have to ever use anything, it’ll be as a last resort and i’ll be ok if he goes high until we get him back down into normal range again.

Either way, great pack! We do something similar but a much bigger pack. :smiley:


Very nice, Eric, but what is the case. I thought it was like my hard drive cases, but I think it’s a bit wider.


@Eric First, I like the case! I was going to “second” @ClaudnDaye’s comment, but from your post it sounds like you use Glucagon fairly frequently. Am I reading in to your comment or is it micro dosing or is use due to your work out regimen?

I’m with @ClaudnDaye (and count myself lucky) in that I haven’t had to use it (yet anyway)! Similarly, my original doc prescribed Baqsimi with the comment its more for my wife than me, as if it’s needed I’m likely in a shape to do it myself. I find your comments about Leslie interesting…I’m sure it was learning experience for Leslie too!


That’s exactly why we chose Baqsimi. When we really really need it, I don’t want to have to read 10 instructions. :D. And reading anything now means nothing in my case with my memory as it is. I just want a quick “turn key” fast process. I’ll deal with the high later!


[quote=“ClaudnDaye, post:2, topic:14764”]
We switched to Baqsimi because it’s much easier in an emergency to use.

Yeah, i have both Baqsimi and the Gvoke Pen for that exact reason. Essentially a 2 step process.


Yes, that is right. It works for about 3 days after mixing it.

But I don’t worry about that. If I use only part of the vial and have to throw out the rest, so what? It did its job and got me out of the hypo-ditch, without spiking the crap out of me.

It is similar to the hard drive cases. It has a hard external shell, but it is actually this case for an electric razor.

I was looking for a good sized case, and this one worked out well for me.

I have done micro-dosing on occasion, for BG management.

But this one is strictly for travel emergency!


Can you share yours, please?!


Yes, you are all right about that. Baqsimi is simpler.

But my wife has no problem with the glucagon injection. And besides, that’s her problem, not mine! :joy:

But what is my problem is the high that comes after a full glucagon dose! So that’s why I have been very specific with her about not giving me the entire thing.

I have probably used glucagon injection more than anyone on the planet.

Partly because I have been doing this since before CGMs and pumps and looping options. And also because I run myself lower than most people feel comfortable with.

When I am traveling alone, or when Leslie is out of the house on a trip, I become more cautious with my BG.


@Eric I put it in my wish list. Just paid my monthly bills $700 more than income. This was $2,500 to have a dangerous dead cottonwood tree removed from the backyard.

I know too much info! Yeah 1/3rd of a bike🤩 Don’t ya hate inflation?


We use a shoulder pack and it goes wherever he goes. Everything he may ever need is inside of it EXCEPT for the CGM sensor which I only add into it for those extended stays, because it’s so bulky.

When we are going to be gone a week or longer I pack extra stuff in a large plastic storage container.

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@Eric Just wondering what is so space critical that a 1/2" here & there matters so much? My EDC is a fanny pack that I use it’s no more then 1/2 full with all the stuff I usually carry. I could easily put in two G6 Senors & still have a bit more room.

I mean if you are cramming a second person into your one man rocket to the moon so you have some one along to admin your glucagon then I certainly understand :grin: but really @Eric couldn’t you just leave out the extra pair of socks to get one Sensor in :joy:

I don’t put my D stuff in checked-luggage. So this case has to go inside my carry-on, which is usually a backpack.

A bigger D case inside my backpack means less room for other more fun stuff.


Me neither but fanny-pack = man-purse so you get one extra carry on. Have never been denied a backpack & a fanny pack with my D stuff. :thinking: although there was one time coming back from Columbia, South American that they took my insulin from me & would not let me board with it. My Spanish is not that good but the guy behind me was a doctor & he said I was right & could not board without my insulin so because of him it was agreed on that the Stewardess would keep it for me & give it to me when necessary. If my memory serves me right she gave it to me as soon as we got on the plane :rofl:

Inquiring minds want to know? Yeah you’re right we are just being nosy :grin:


You’re way more organized than me. Mine just go into gallon zip lock bags with other D stuff and meds.

The zip locks kind of have a side benefit of being able to see everything. I always stress about forgetting something when traveling, so I probably look 10 times…lol.


I put mine in a blue gimme bag from a hotel. But I have also been unhappy with Dexcom packaging in the G6 - thanks @eric for the suggestion.

Btw, where are you going on your travels?


I am going to California!


Let me know if SoCal has successfully seceded & I will think about going back for a visit :joy: stay safe & leave a bread trail :grin:

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@Eric I thought I put the case in my wish list. It arrived in today’s mail, It looks perfect.