Anyone tried this diabetes case?

So, we’ve been struggling to find a better case for Samson’s diabetes gear – something he can carry, that has all his stuff organized, and is not humongous.
Has anyone tried these Gridit! productS? They seem like they could work but I’m wondering if they’ll be too large or if the little rubberized straps will lose slippery, circular objects like insulin pens.

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I would wonder the same things you already have. Haven’t tried it and would find its inability to fold a barrier.

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Tia I use the grid it products. They do a good job of containing things on the grid. They work especially well in a case that doesn’t let the grid move. In my backpack, when pulling it in and out of the case, some things slip off. It is kind of frustrating, but not a deal breaker for me. The Gridit products are well made.


My impression is it’s like a little flat, stiff board that you then put inside of another case. So I was looking at the Neoprene holders…

Too big for me. I use a case that fits everything I need in my pants pocket (meter, strips, lance, smarties, syringes, two bottles insulin, mini-reading glasses)

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@jag1, wow! I’m impressed – both with your ability to compress all your needs to such a small size, and with the size of your pockets! No way could you fit all that in the typical pair of women’s jeans.

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@jag1, is it home-made or purchased? If purchased, I am curious, which one is it?

And if you made it, I definitely think you should post about it in the DYI section :slight_smile:

I’m the same way, if it doesn’t fit in one pocket it’s too much stuff. I worry about the psychological impact on young people in the long run of spending their formative years carrying around all of this medical gear

i worry about it too but my hope is that it will be small enough to just fit in a backpack – which he’ll have to carry anyways. Right now we carry it or his teachers do.

I guess this is my chance to try to insert a picture. Nothing exciting, it’s just a case from the meter company that I’ve modified a little bit. Total dimensions 5.25 x 3.25 x 2. Fits easily in a pair of khaki pants; it’s a little tight in a jean’s pocket with keys and change, but still works.


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Really nice! What meter case is it?

I need the glasses too:-)

I think its from an older OneTouch Ultra meter (not quite the meter I’m using it with which is why I had to modify it a little bit). I have a box of old meters and cases and other bits and pieces of accumulated diabetes related junk that I go through when I need something.

Yes, I’ve gone from readers being nice-to-have to a necessity. But I’m incredibly thankful that age related presbyopia is the extent of any of my vision issues. I always keep my insulin case with me so I always have the contents where-ever I am, even when I forget and leave my real glasses at work or in the car. Who cares if I look kind of like this in the grocery store?

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I agree with Sam and Jag’s “one pocket” philosophy. I have different ways to carry everything, and it is always one pocket.

All methods are small enough to fit in a single pocket and contain BG meter, strips, lancing, and insulin delivery. CGM is on phone.




I feel I must respectfully submit that this is a gender difference and that this strategy simply will not work for most women. There is no way on Earth I could ever fit even a meter and test strips in one of my pockets. Plus we are already used to carrying purses, so there really isn’t any reason to try to stuff everything in a pocket.


Yes, but the last time I tried carrying all my D gear in a purse I got beat up.