I watch series 1 and xdrip


I am a droid user and wanted to know if a series 1 apple watch could be used to read xdrip without the use of an I phone?


@Mdewulft1 No, you can only use a Sony Smartwatch 3 out of the box, or a few of the newer watches with a rom patch for that.

There is an app called “Spike” that you can sideload onto an iPhone that may allow a series 1 watch act as a collector (receiver), but you would definitely need the iphone.

Spike is an iPhone fork of xDrip+, but years behind in development. But I’ve heard that some users like it. Just Google it and you’ll get the instructions for installing it.


Thank you. Yes, I’m aware of Spike,but I’m not switching to Apple products. Had a friend offer me the use of her old watch, and prior to taking it had to ck with the experts. Again I truly appreciate it!! Sticking with my xdrip and will ck out sony smart watch!


@Mdewulft1 The SSW3 is an oldie but goody. It’s been out of production for a while but Amazon or eBay might have one.

If you don’t mind invalidating a warranty you could patch the rom of a more readily available watch. For a list of those available see


Thank you … I truly appreciate the info and will ck it out. :blush: