Xdrip app on lte smartwatch

hi all my first post i want to leave my iphone behind and just use a smartwatch cellular i was using xdrip4ios but still needed the iphone to collect the data and send it to the cellular apple watch, i was wondering if i could use a ticwatch pro 3 lte set it up with the phone as it runs wear os then turn phone off ?or a samsung galaxy active 2 lte would that work, any help would be much appreciated.

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@Pulsar xdrip4ios is a kind of misnomer, because it doesn’t really do anything except receive. You have to use Sugar Mate or Nightscout to massage the data. It certainly doesn’t have the watch capabilities of xDrip+.

You can’t use a Galaxy watch as a collector, it has Tizen not Android OS.

I think I have read about Tickwatch 2 being used as a collector, but I haven’t seen anything about Tickwatch 3. You might ask on the xDrip+ github group’s forum if anyone has had success with this.

Good luck, and please let us know of any progress you make.


thanks for the quick reply i will update when i find a way to do it