Greetings to all and a smartwatch question

Hey guys. First of all a little intro. 44 yo t1 diabetic. Got diagnosed in 2012. I am on on iPod and cgm as well. Love those toys!

Now, a question that’s been probably asked a lot… I am looking to buy a smartwatch and hook it up to Xdrip. I’m eyeing galaxy watch 3 and to watch pro 3. Would they work with xdrip? (One Tizen and the other WearOs…) Also, is there a way to make them a standalone collectors? I just don’t want to lug my phone while on a surf/kite board…

Thank you so much my diabetic peeps!!


Questions about smartwatches and xDrip+ are indeed asked regularly. Thankfully, we have an expert on this topic, @docslotnick. He may be able to help you too.
Also take a look at this topic:


The short answer to all your questions: Yes. I have a Galaxy watch and can get xdrip readings on the watch either using a watch face and tasker, or via a separate screen. The former seems to work better. There are watch faces you can download, and I have created my own.

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