Xdrip+ - Watchfaces/ BG-Values on your Tizen OS Smartwatch (all samsung smartwatches) and on your Android Wear OS watch

Hey Guys, 2 months ago I bought my Galaxy Watch 46mm :slight_smile:

Then I checked that xDrip isn´t compatible with my Galaxy Watch :frowning: that sucks all over.

I searched and searched and have nothing found. Then I started testing some apps and functions and recently I succeed. Everyone who has the same problems like me, is welcome to download my Watchfaces and use my documentations to set up the same on your Tizen OS Smartwatch.

Here you find all what you need to setup your phone and your watch:

And here you can have a look at my Watchfaces all of them for are free of cost and downloadable for everyone: https://getwatchmaker.com/user/Bkd6tbYxr

ON EVERY TIZEN OS SMARTWATCH. also on the new ones e.g. Samsung Galaxy Active AND Samsung Galaxy Active 2.

I opened up a completely new Samsung Account and add the both needed Apps (Wearable Widgets App and the Watchmaker Companion for Tizen) to the recent download and I purchased the 2,49€ for the Watchmaker Companion. You are welcome to take my login data to use it on your Galaxy Store. Then you´re able to download both apps to every Samsung Smartwatch. I have done this on at least 8 Samsung Galaxy Active 2 and 4 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Smartwatches. So everyone should be able to do the same. I have built at least 10 Watchfaces which you can download with the Watchmaker App on you Smartphone. If you´re interested in my documentations the go to my Github page and read all what you need. If you have any type of questions please text me

IF you want to use my documentations the please read first this. otherewise you can get an problem and then you’re not able to get the BG-Values to your Samsung Smartwatch :slight_smile:

By the way, if you have a Android Wear OS Watch too, then you can use this method too :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend and always watch your glucose :wink:

Greetz FrederikDiabetics


Wow that is amazing that you are making your own watch faces. Also the fact that you got Xdrip+ working on a watch which isn’t supported. Unfortunately, we are using Apple, so we won’t be able to download and try your cool invention, but I am sure there are some folks around here that will take you up on your offer. The Tizen isn’t as popular in the US I think, but how much work was it to do this? i.e. if someone wanted could you help them do this for a different watch?

I have looked at a lot of the Garmin watch faces. The problem with a lot of the customized ones is that there is a lag between the actual data and the display. Not a big deal when you are looking at a CGM value, but a much bigger deal for things like time and pacing.

I am not sure if it is just a case of poor programming, or if the lag is just inevitable. But because of the lag, I only use customized faces for general time (watch) display, and don’t use any customized faces for running.

There are several Garmin faces that include CGM, but I don’t use them. No real value in CGM for me when running.

Anyway, not really useful or relevant to this discussion, just my observations on the customized ones I have seen. Was just curious if that was something inherent and unavoidable in customization.

Obviously, for something like CGM, a short lag of a few seconds getting it to the display would not matter! I appreciate your contributions of watch faces!

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I have made this 9 Watchfaces the last 2 months :slight_smile: After I got the hang of it, it was easy. It’s not as difficult as you think. But if you have an apple phone I think you can use them too. But you have to set up your smartphone. Maybe there is a way because Watchmaker is supporting the apple watch as well. But I can’t say if you can download the other apps you need to have for it. Maybe it’s the same for you like for Tizen and android.
I have so far set up on 30-40 smartphones. Some have done it themselves and others I have helped. If someone needs help then I’ll help him until everything works. if there is no other way I connect with the tool teamviewer with the smartphones of the people and set up the apps so that sinemein Watchafaces can use without problems. I constantly try to republish, so it does not get boring.

Of course there are problems here and there. but it is not an official solution. everything is about 3 apps. however, the values ​​of the clock are updated within seconds after xdrip gets a new value. on older clocks the app spins on itself more often but that is not up to Watchmaker in the matter itself. so far no one has complained about connection problems and if the value is not up to date press a button and within 5 minutes the value is okay again. that happens to me maybe 1-2 times a week. But I would be happy if Jamorham from xdrip would built a companion app for Tizen watches. But he is building a xDrip Smartwatch at the moment.

By the way I have two solutions. The first one is that on GitHub and the second one is built with Javascript. It uses the json file from the xDrip Broadcast. With this there are no connection problems. Everything is permanently actual. The only thing that could happen is that your watch lost connection but then all other watches except the Sony Smartwatch 3 get no more readings.


@FrederikDiabetics thanks for these posts and sharing all the faces.

Good job! I have already seen your WF on Watchmaker and put one of them to favorites. I am going to purchase MiaoMiao to connect with Libre sensor and make CGM with Xdrip. I have a Wear OS watch and checking what system is better to connect with Xdrip - Wear OS or Tizen (I don’t have a Tizen watch yet) - this why I found your post here. Good luck!

This is so amazing that you have designed these and are sharing them with people. We’ve been using xDrip and Libre/Miao Miao for years now and just got our son a Galaxy Watch Active. We got a xDrip screen working through wearable widgets as a first step. But this is next level and so great - we’ll attempt the watchmaker/tasker route soon and your watch faces are really neat! Thanks for being out there and helping others out :+1:

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How do I put the glucose numbers and graphs on my new watch face? I have a Samsung Galaxy watch 46mm.


I am very very new to this…
I just bought a samsung galaxy active 2 watch and am using xdrip and a g6 gcm.
I have not found a watch face that will work…so I am using ‘wearable widgets’ and set it to display my xdrip data. It’s not the face of the watch, but the data can be viewed on my watch quickly.If you are able to find a way to display it on the face, please share :slight_smile:

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I have the samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm and
Got the G-watch app from the galaxy store.
Worka great with my xdrip+. I’m very happy with it

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Hi @FrederikDiabetics. I know this is an old thread, so apologies for bringing it back up, but I’m having issues with several of your watch faces not updating the glucose levels. I did send you an email to the address listed on watchmaker but am unsure if you received it? I have a ticwatch pro 3. Would really appreciate some support, if you have the time.

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