Xdrip+ and samsung galaxy watch active


I recently bought the samsung galaxy watch active and i also recently saw the miaomiao.
Then i did some research and found out that tizen and dripx do not work together.

But does anyone know if i can show/get notification from dripx on my watch?

Because i do not quiet understand the difference between the watch as a collector and getting notification?

Hope someone can help me out.

If i can see the readings on my watch i will probably buy the miaomiao for my fsl.

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Will Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch work with Nightscout and or xDrip+

Hi and welcome.
You’ll need to go to the app store and download Wearable Widgets. Within it choose Samsung Gear. Push the ‘+’ button and select xdrip+ .
From the Galaxy Wearable app go to Manage Notifications and select Wearable Widgets and XDRIP+. You should than be able to see it under your watch face options. Good luck.


Do you use it yourself?
Because on the internet i have read that wearable widget is not supported by samsung anymore?


I do. I hope this picture comes thru. It may not be supported anymore but it works for me. It’s not a collector and has to be in the same room with your phone. I use it at night when it receives notifications from xdrip. It’s very convenient to view my blood sugar and snooze the alarm without reaching for my phone


That is a sweet (good) looking watch and watch face. Puts the Apple watch to shame in my admittedly old guy opinion.

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Thank you for the picture.
Does this mean the xdrip widget will be my primair dashboard? So that not the time is shown anymore but only this?


Within the Wearable Widgets app I added a watch face widget.Took me a while to find a half decent one but again, I only use the widget at night or when I’m riding my bike.
When xdrip is selected you can scroll thru all the widgets you’ve added by simply tapping on the glass. I wish I could find a fancy xdrip readout that a smaller font and more detail including the current time. Like this one.

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Indeed it looks again but not like one you would have as a standard watch face. I do not quiet understand why they would not make it possible for tizen watches, but do for wear os and apple.
I hope i can make one with the watch face app. I have read something about that.
Thanks for the info. I will probably order the miao this week then.


Hi. I have a samsung watch with tizen os.

Using wearable widgets to send info from my phone (as is the collector) using xdrip and miaomiao. I can chose to have just like the picture above as a watchface or like i have a widget “behind” the watchface. You can chose what watchface u want. Wake the clock up and turn the navigationring and u got xdrip on next screen.


Hi. On the galaxy watch, is there any way of having the glucose reading as a complication of a normal watch face like on wear os? For example, a chronograph watch face where one dial is the glucose reading?


So I think I did everything that you said but it is not coming up on my watch faces. What exactly was the watch face you chose or what did it say once you completed all the steps. Thanks for your help