Samsung gear 3 and xdrip

I am using the xdrip app in place of the dexcom app as the dexcom app is not compatible with the Samsung s10+ but I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to get it to work with the Samsung gear 3 frontier. I am seeing pictures of everyone having it on there watch and would love to be able to do it as well just think it would be easier to check my numbers without looking at my phone especially at work. Thanks for any help

I am assuming you did this and it didn’t work correct?

You’ll need to go to the app store and download Wearable Widgets. Within it choose Samsung Gear. Push the ‘+’ button and select xdrip+ .
From the Galaxy Wearable app go to Manage Notifications and select Wearable Widgets and XDRIP+. You should than be able to see it under your watch face options. Good luck.

We use the Apple watch and it works fine, although you need to have the phone near.

I did all that but no option comes up under the watch faces

Hmm, that is indeed an issue. Hopefully someone comes to the rescue soon. Xdrip+ to watches is kind of a specialized area.

Yes and it is not easy for someone like me who is not tech savy

@CarrieM Sometimes it takes awhile for xDrip+ to load onto a watch. You might want to check again in a couple of hours.

Beyond that you can get a different watch and use it as your collector. A list of suitable watches can be found here:

If you want an out-of-the box solution you’ll need to track down a Sony Smartwatch 3, which is now out of production but still available on Amazon or eBay. This is what I did a couple of years ago when my Samsung Galaxy S3 would not work with xDrip+. I have actually never used a phone as collector with xDrip+ because the watch works so well. I think @elver uses a Huawei 2 unmodified as well.

BTW, did you get your S10+ to work?

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Thank you. I will look into that. I never had it working on my watch when I wasnt using xdrip but now that I have been following all these posts I’m alittle jealous :blush:

Yes it actually seem to have fixed itself I have been getting missed readings but then it starts right back up again. Thanks again

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