How to get xDrip+ to work on Samsung galaxy watch 5 (no Wear OS)

Hello everyone,

I just created the account, I apologize in advance if this topic was already discussed.
I have a girlfriend with Type 1 and she got Samsung galaxy watch 5 and she wants to use xdrip on her watch.

There is a problem since this watch doesn’t have Wear OS and we can’t install xDrip on the smartwatch.

All i saw is that we can add a watchface named “Night wear” that is for xDrip but it is blank it doesnt ready anything.

Basically i wanted to tell the whole story, but can anybody explain what can I do so we can have display of glucose level on this smartwatch, we dont need watch to be the collector we just want a display, is there a way?

Sorry for rambling, and thank you in advance for help!

you need to use wear installer

What is that? Just to remind you that this watch doesnt have Wear OS

you’ll need to go to the play store, download wear installer on the phone and the watch, download the xdrip wear apk on your phone, and use wear installer to download the xdrip apk onto the watch. the Samsung Galaxy 5 uses Samsung’s wearos3, but they made it more difficult to download non play store programs ever since the end of 2021 maybe?

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Thank you very much for your help Roger. This worked! <3

im glad it worked… if she ever decides to use aaps, she’ll have to do the same for their watch program… something to look into

Hi Roger,

Im stuck at having downloaded the 2 apps. How do you get the data to drip? I have a libre 3.



you’ll need juglucco 3

Stupid question, but will the Galaxy Watch act as a standalone collector yet?

I believe so, but all these questions are answered here:

More detail can be found on the FaceBook xDrip+ group (requires admin approval) and, for those not of FaceBook, the github discussions (not the issues) here:

That’s second best because FB has more resources and github is primarily for devs, but I can understand why people don’t want to use FB.

EDIT: also:

I’m sorry, didn’t understand, do I need to install using the Wear app the Xdrip apk?

most of the apps on this forum will need to be installed using wear installer which is available on the playstore…