Trying to find the most current recommendations for the best/most reliable smart watch for xDrip+

Hi all,

I want to be free of my smartphone many times during the day and am going to buy a smart watch to use with xDrip for my Dexcom G6. I want to be able to use it totally un-untethered to the phone with a direct connection to xDrip+/transmitter – this is very important.

Does anyone have experience with the Galaxy Active 2 and xDrip? Or recommendations for other smart watches that are great with xDrip+ that are available in a smaller size, slim and are as highly-reviewed as the Samsung? The documents on here about this kind of thing are a few years old.


You can take a look at the Bluejay, but it is only really for the time and xdrip if my recall is correct.

I have a small wrist and I have the Ticwatch pro 3. I believe it can be used as a standalone, but I’m yet to set it up that way. But for the watch to work correctly, my phone will still need to be nearby. Even if xdrip is standalone. Ticwatch do have a lte version, but I think they’re only available on Vodafone in the UK.
A friend of mine has the galaxy 3 watch, and you can’t download xdrip to it. I believe it’s to do with the tizen os. I had to use watchface maker and one of the FreDiabetes watch faces to get it on her watch, and the watch faces have been glitching a fair bit lately (I no longer use them myself). When I was initially looking, I was looking for a smaller watch too, thinking that one of these bigger ones would look ridiculous on my small wrist, but I chose this watch for its functionality and I have found that the size doesn’t actually bother me.



I too use the Ticwatch Pro (LTE version). The version of the watch sold in our country doesn’t actually run full fledged Android and isn’t capable of a standalone version of XDrip. :frowning:

Have to say that overall after several watches the Ticwatch Pro has been my favorite so far even if it has to stay tethered to my phone.

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i agree with everyone here, the ticwatch pro with a mirrored sim card(T-Mobile $10 per month) is probably your best bet. most carriers have some sort of option…the blue jay probably is your only stand alone option otherwise, but like chris said, bg and time only…i like seeing the date, time and glucose in the watch face, and because xdrip works well with google/wear os, there is no delay and you receive notifications for predicted lows, highs, etc(you can also snooze alarms from your watch)…you can also input treatments, and i often have my phone charging at work and rarely look at it…it just seems to work better if the phone is nearby

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