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Hello! I recently got the G6 and was looking for a cheap smartwatch that works with it. I have Android, and am thinking about switching to xDrip instead of the Dexcom app. (I just have to figure out how to use xDrip before I make the switch.) Also, I’m trying to get on the Tandem tslim with control IQ, but that is still in the early stages. Probably TMI, but I’m not very tech savvy and don’t know if its even possible to use a smartwatch with all of that. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!! :nerd_face:🪅

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I currently use xDrip, Tandem X2, Dexcom G6, and Ionic Fitbit watch. There is no direct connection from ionic to X2, but on my android phone I can see the xDrip screen or Tandem:Connect mobile app screen.
XDrip sends data to ionic, using a watchface from Glance.

I have recently heard of another lower cost watch, which also says will work with xDrip.
But have not used it.

More details

https:///jam orham/xDrip-plus/blob/master/Documentation/

And another option.

Or this


I use the TicWatch Pro and previously the Huawei Watch 2. XDrip controls the info shown on the watch. I do current bg, trend, alerts etc.