Libre - MM2 - XDrip+ - SIM card smartwatch

Hello… I’m sorry if I’m asking something that’s not anything new… But I haven’t quite got the exact answer I need…

I want to give my T1 husband a smartwatch… But since he hates carrying a phone, I need a SIM card smartwatch that the watchface can show time and BG…

Anyone could tell me if there’s a SIM card smartwatch that can be a standalone collector for xdrip, showing the BG on the watchface?

ps: we’re from Brazil and quite new with these diabetes tech things…


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Might be better to buy a ticwatch 4g pro, link it to the phone and have the sim card mirrored because the watchfaces are designed for android/Google wear. At least this way, the phone is only acting as a collector, and the full version of xdrip can still be on the phone… still seems a little early to be completely phone free, however, I could be wrong…many users have had luck with watches as collectors for hours if not days, however, in the u.s. it currently does not work because of the u.s. 14 day sensor miaomiao2 oop algorithm requirement.

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You might want to look at the Finow Pro Q1. It is a watch, but runs Android 6.0, and is capable of running a full phone copy of xDrip+.

The biggest problem with it is battery life, but a small external battery can help solve that problem.

The problem with a SIM card watch is that it still runs Android Wear despite the SIM, and requires the linking of a phone for data communication and maintenance.

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If you want a full android copy on a watch, I’d try the allcall 4g gt with 3gb ram, but you’ll have to remember to set up the xdrip number wall on lock screen, and make sure you can return it easily if you have to switch to an android/ Google wear watch

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@RogerType1 Has that watch been shown to work with xDrip+? There are many full Android OS watches that are a no go with xDrip+. The Finow Pro Q1 has been proven to work with xDrip+.

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I’m stuck with the ticwatch4gpro due to the oop algorithm for the miaomiao2, I just liked the specs and figured it would be worth a try…I think carols husband will realize a 1gb android watch is not enough to run xdrip and miaomiao1 successfully