How to order G6 and other Dexcom supplies from Costco

Dexcom supplies are available at Costco Pharmacy only. They are not on the store shelves, and they are not on their website. Again, you must go to the Pharmacy within Costco. EVERY Costco Pharmacy has access to Dexcom products. They do not have them in stock at the pharmacy; however, Costco will place the order with Dexcom when you bring them your prescription and the Dexcom supplies will arrive within 2 business days. This is the exact same as if you go to your normal pharmacy and they’re out of your pills so they have to order it because they are out of stock.

For those of you who have asked what the conditions are for the Costco Member Prescription Program (CMPP), below are the details I received directly from a Reorder Sales Specialist at Dexcom:

Qualifications for Costco’s CMPP:

  • You MUST NOT have Medicaid or Medicare coverage
  • You MUST NOT have pharmacy/prescription coverage for Dexcom (NOTE: this means you are either uninsured, or your insurance either does not cover Dexcom supplies at all OR your insurance covers your Dexcom supplies under a non-pharmacy/non-prescription benefit such as Durable Medical Equipment (DME) like Blue Cross Blue Shield now does)
  • You MUST have a Costco membership (yes, you can use always Costco Pharmacy without being a member, but you MUST have a Costco membership to get discounted pricing of the Costco Member Prescription Program. Non-members will pay the non-discounted cash price.) Membership is $50/year

How to Get Your Dexcom G6:

  1. Have your doctor give you a prescription for Dexcom, or have them fax it to the Costco of your choice
  2. Go to your Costco Pharmacy and fill out the Costco Member Prescription Program (CMPP) Enrollment Form
  3. Costco Pharmacy will place an order for your prescription with Dexcom
  4. Your Dexcom supplies should arrive to Costco Pharmacy for you to pick up within 1 to 2 business days

CMPP Pricing for Dexcom G6 (also listed on CMPP website):

  • G6 Transmitter: $26.90
  • G6 Receiver: $35.97
  • G6 Sensors (3-pack): $318.29

NOTE: You are not required to order all three components through Costco if you do not wish to

More Information:

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@misshufflepuff, outstanding post! Welcome to the forum and thank you!

I made your post a new thread since I found it so valuable.

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This is a super helpful step-by-step! I’ve heard lots of rumors about these cheap Costco Dexcom options – but I’ve read about a lot of confusion and hassle in trying to get them as well, so this helps explain some of it!!


This is awesome!!! Thank you for posting. I think my insurance is now forcing Dexcom supplies over to DME so I will likely be using Costco sometime in the near future

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It may vary by state, but I know that in Massachusetts, you can fill and purchase prescriptions at Costco without a valid membership.This is true for Dexcom supplies as well. BUT the special pricing talked about in that thread is a special rebate below their regular prices, and that special rebate is only for members, only for those without insurance, and is only for Dexcom G6. (I think the special pricing is for G6 only, and that is the only one I’ve asked about since that is the one I use. If you need the previous generations you should call and ask your local Costco pharmary.)

If you want to buy insulin or other diabetic supplies you just take your prescriptions to Costco (or have your doctor send them) and have them filled. When you go to pick them up, if they stop you at the door, simply tell them you are going to the pharmacy and they will let you pass. The pharmary prices are the same as those paid by members, and can be cheaper on some medications so it is worth including them in your list of pharmacies to call (if there is one close to you) when you need to fill a new prescription.


When my son was diagnosed (several years ago) I thought we would find much better pricing at Costco for our expensive meds. To my surprise, when I price-tested their pharmacy, I did not find any advantage in general for prescription meds. Being, at the time, a Costco aficionado, I was quite surprised. Their OTC stuff, for meds, is very well priced, but their prescription meds I don’t think have an advantage over the board. Too bad, really.

That’s why I said they “can” be cheaper. Not everything is cheaper at Costco - everything included - you really need to comparison shop. The good thing about Costco is that once you find something you like that IS a good price, you can buy it every week because the things they stock seldom change and prices are stable week after week as well. With the occasional “coupon sale” which is when it is worth stocking up - thus the cases of sardines I have squirreled away, but that is another issue (and one my wife may have a few words to contribute).

Were you buying medications without insurance? Obviously that is when pricing from pharmacy to pharmacy varies substantially, and when it pays to shop around.

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We did have insurance, but I was doing price comparisons, so I was asking for retail pricing.

You also probably know it, but as has been mentioned the Pharmacy and eye glass stations aren’t actually Costco, they are contained in the Costco store, but are just other companies doing business in their stores.

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Do you know who has the pharmacy deal with Costco?

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I would like to know at which Costco the author was able to get the transmitter for $26.50. I went to my local Costco in La Habra CA and was told the price was $143.00. It is not from Costco directly and was told that because it is from a blog the prices posted were made up.

Costco had them at the $29 price through November of 2019. After that they were priced around $150 which is still cheaper than what Dexcom charges at $280.

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That pricing was a special negotiated deal that had a time limit on it. The current prices are no longer as low as they were during this time period. As you found out. Doesn’t mean they won’t do it again, however it wasn’t what I would have called well publicized. So who knows.

Welcome to our community!. I look forward to our contributions on the board.

The $26 transmitter price was real, in Nov 2018 and I purchased one. Also got 3 sensors for $318. It was for limited time and expired. For costco members only I believe.

In Aug 2019, I got 1 transmitter and 3 sensors, for total $345. This included $118 executive member rebate, which I think is different from 2018 rebates, and may be different by location.

Does anyone have the current prices, or, indeed, current links - the one’s in the original post lead into a black hole or a page which says that “online quotes for [G6] are not currently available.”

I’m asking because I’m looking at getting some sensors and most likely a receiver for my wife. Insurance certainly won’t cover her (and, in fact, if they did we’d pay full price anyway). The transmitter price is good, the sensor price (at $300) is the problem.

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I was able to use the second link above to search the Costco site for Dexcom G6 prices (Receivers, Sensors & Transmitters).

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These prices for transmitter and receiver were quite low at time of original post, but higher now. That was when G6 first came out and it helped Costco get new customers.

The link to Costco will show current prices.


I just get a PDF from that link

I tried it, it says online prices are not available.

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