Dexcom G6 at Costco

For costco members, there is a discount for G6.

I checked my local Costco today, and got prices, which are the CMPP price, for members only. Low for now because of rebates from Dexcom, that Costco passes on to member. So not sure how long rebates will last.

G6 Receiver
Non-member cash price $417,
Member CMPP $56

G6 Transmitter
cash $277
CMPP $26

G6 sensors 3 pack
Cash $ 384
CMPP $318

May vary by location.


I heard about this, but also had heard that you either have to be denied coverage by your insurance or not have insurance to be able to get these though Costco? Same with the other things on their preferred list, which includes several types of insulin (not sure on pricing though). I’ve thought about checking to see if my insurance still is denying coverage on the Dexcom (they did last year, so on the G5)…but it’s a lot of trouble for me to go through when I’m not even sure I want to switch to it atm - using Libre, and sensors are much cheaper…

How does the sensor price @Costco compare to what most are paying?


The transmitter discounts are shockingly good!

Like @Pianoplayer7008, I would love to know exactly what the conditions are.

This is what was posted by an admin on a group I’m in:

“If you’re a Costco member, you can get a Dexcom G6 transmitter and receiver for 10% of cost. I did it today. Unsure how long the discount lasts, will hopefully know soon.
You need to enroll in the Costco Member Prescription Program (free).
1 transmitter and 1 receiver cost me $62.84 WITHOUT INSURANCE.
ETA: There are insulins also included in the list. Unsure of the discount amount, but the one’s listed are the most significant, so I assume it’s around a 10% copay like with the G6. (Important: You either must not provide an insurance card at all OR must not have PRESCRIPTION coverage for these items.)


Anybody know if this program will continue in to January? Waiting on my Endo to write me a prescription.


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I don’t know. But I did use it to get a dexcom g6 receiver a little more than a week ago, so it was active then. Probably best to call or stop by your local Costco to ask.

I think the price reduction is based on rebate, so depends on date that it expires. Costco may be able to tell you that.

I just called our local Costco in Altamonte Springs, FL. The quoted price, with membership, for the receiver was $35.96 and transmitter for 26.88. So the offer is still valid as of 2.22.19.


That is really great. Hope it lasts forever :slight_smile:

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Yes, the transmitter price is incredible! I’m not on G6 yet, but I bet that beats my insurance price.


Wow, our local Costco carries no Dexcom products.

Does it have a pharmacy?

Not an actual member there, but did an online search and didn’t see anything. Yes, they have a pharmacy. We use BJ’s as our wholesale spot.

How interesting: it is the first time I hear of this chain (BJ). I just looked it up after you mentioned it :slight_smile:

I would have considered a Costco membership if they had these things, but I don’t see them. Must be location specific.

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They don’t show up online for me. You could call pharm and ask.

I just got G6 this week.


It may only be in-club, there are quite a lot of those. For instance, if Dexcom doesn’t want this advertized online. If you want to check, you can go to the door and ask for a pass for the day, so as to walk around.

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Congrats! Let us know how it works for you!


@ClaudnDaye every Costco in US with a pharmacy can order the G6. I don’t believe this is a stocked item as my local store said 2 days to get the products.


You do have to ask, and it is available for members only. I have been a member on and off for many years, but getting a G6 receiver from them last December was motivation for me to re-join. So now we’re back to buying all our peanut butter, hummus and lightbulbs from them again…