Dexcom G6 at Costco

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Do they also sell the G5 transmitter and sensors? Anyone know? And if so, the prices for them (for members and non-members?)


The service is limited to Costco members who join the free Costco prescription program and the Dexcom G6. The deal is cash and carry, no insurance accepted


So, G6 only if I understood you correctly?


G6 only if I understood you correctly?

G6 only


Has anyone else heard that Costco may be raising prices of dexcom g6 supplies? I could only find info on this on Instagrams @t1dchick and @diawareness


I’m pretty sure they sell the G5 transmitters and sensors, just as any pharmacy can and will order them. But I don’t believe Costco has a similar discount pricing plan that they do for the G6. But to be honest I haven’t checked since I never needed to, so best to call them as you would any pharmacy to ask their prices as part of comparison shopping. If you have health insurance (I assume you do), then I doubt it would be any cheaper than any other pharmacy, but it doesn’t hurt to call.


The original info I had indicated the lower price was due to some type of rebate, that costco was passing savings on to customer. So maybe that rebate ended.


I talked to the local Dexcom rep back in Sept of 18, she stated it was for a year (the discounted contract) however when I went to pick up my transmitter yesterday it was $145 for cash pay I have no ins coverage, does anyone know if the transmitters are still on a 112 hard lock from Dexcom? Do they every go longer I guess is the real question. Mine currently says I have 2 weeks left however the insert date was 99 days ago. I have a call into the local rep as the discount program should of been valid through August of 2019 not April as costco is stating.


You can download Xdrip+ or Spike (Android or Iphone) and extend the transmitter. Just search on our site, lots of info.

I heard that Costco was forced to change their policy due to people buying and reselling them. Too good of a deal apparently. really a bummer.


I read the same.

Sad because I think the original deal was that the “rebate” was intended to reward Costco, but Costco decided to pass on to customer.

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I heard the same thing in the process of trying Spike as I don’t own a MAC, hoping it works and yes it is a bummer!

Thank you!