Good price on G6 transmitter

Hi Guys, my name is Rhondalyn and I’m new here. I’ve learn so much here and I want to Thank All for very informative information. I wanted to give back . It’s probably posted already but I could not find it. I got the dreaded message that my G6 transmitter will be going out soon. I knew I could not afford the deductible price on my insurance. I’m waiting for my new insurance to start 4/2021.
I thought about the Costco deal but I have insurance now and I did not want to be a diabetic in jail. I google search and Walmart. come came up. G6 transmitter for 229.95. It was 249.00 w/tax.
I received it in 3 days. I have not started yet because my old transmitter still has some juice.
The name of company is Helping diabetics USA. They did not ask for script. Just another option if you cannot meet deductible.
Love and Peace


Thanks so much for the information @Rhondayn2018. Glad you have found the site helpful. Here is a link to the good deal. There is another seller there at a higher price. Welcome to FUD!



When sold on Anazon or Walmart online, these are usually transmitters purchased by someone else w/RX, and they are resold without RX by reseller. Check the use by date when you get it to ensure its not past use by date.

The Costco price can vary, as they have done special rebate pricing at times, costing lower than most insurance. So any one interested should verify on website or calling.