Dexcom G6 --- How much did you pay?!

I am interested in getting a Dexcom G6 but am concerned about the price…

Anyone that has gotten/ordered one willing to share the price they had to pay and how long it took to receive the device?

Transmitter Cost vs. G5
Sensor Cost vs. G5
Receiver Cost vs. G5


If you want lower cost try xDRIP. G6 sensors last just as long as G5 and the transmitters last longer as well, as long as it takes the battery to die.

In short, the cost to run a G6 should be about the same as a G5 with xDrip+.

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Hi @cman1776 - I spoke to both Edgepark Medical and Byram Healthcare. They both gave me pretty similar quotes before any health benefits/insurance with the exception of the transmitters. The transmitter costs were pretty different. We ended up going with Byram since the transmitter costs were lower. Here’s what they said (again, before any health benefits/insurance):

G6 Transmitter: Byram $600 for 6 months (2 transmitters), Edgepark $600 for 3 months (1 transmitter). I confirmed this price twice with both companies because I was surprised by the difference but they both confirmed it was the correct price. Perhaps Byram was able to negotiate a better deal with Dexcom.

Sensors: $300 monthly

Receiver: $500

I’ve rounded the numbers for simplicity but these were the rough costs and again this is all before any health benefits you may have.

Hope this helps. If others have different experiences, please share.


Keep in mind that the sensors and transmitters can all be extended beyond their official shutoff times to moderate the costs. docslotnick reports that it can be done by xDRIP, and it is also possible via the reset transmitter iPhone app (that you must build for yourself.) (It works for both G5 and G6, and resetting the G6 transmitter also resets the sensor so it can be reused.)

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Hi Mike — I am curious to know how often the transmitter needs to be changed? I am looking into transitioning my 4 year old to G6 from G4. Thanks in advance.

The G5 and G6 transmitters are expected to last 90 days by Dexcom and the FDA (and insurance companies).

The previous posts mention ways to extend that time past what was intended.