Dexcom/insurance question

Ugh, my Dexcom G5 transmitter just died and I have six G5 sensors left. I have been going back and forth with New England Home Medical Equipment, the supply house for my CGM stuff, about getting CGM supplies refilled. I just want them to send a single G5 transmitter so I can use up the last G5 sensors and then move to G6 platform. They will only send transmitters out in pairs, which would mean that I would need to also get more G5 sensors and stick with that platform for longer. Or they are suggesting just trashing the sensors I have left and moving fully over to G6, which they could get approved next week (I will have to start fingersticking now as I just tried to extend the 7-day sensor life and the transmitter crapped out…)

Is there any place I could just buy a one-off G5 transmitter? Should I just go with G6? These supplies are expensive and precious and I want to be prudent and not wasteful. Any other suggestions? Thanks so much! Jessica

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Hi @JessicaD . You can probably get the last bit of juice out of your transmitter by using xDrip+ for your last six G5 sensors.

It installs on an Android phone. If you search this forum for “xDrip” you’ll be able to get it up and running in no time. One of those threads is the documentation of my getting 180+ days out of a G5 transmitter.

If you need help, just ask!


If xDrip does not work for you, there are definitely companies that will sell one at a time, but the problem may be with your insurance? Ours only deals with one company. I think, however, that if you go with another you do get some reimbursement, but a lower amount?

Some options: Byram, Edgepark. Or direct ordering from Dexcom.

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Shoot, I have become totally apple oriented! I even use the Apple Watch for readings. xDrip does look snazzy, though, and it’s incredible how it can extend the battery life of transmitters. Thank you for the idea!

Hmmmm, maybe I will phone Dexcom directly and see what they cost would be of purchasing a single transmitter from them w/o insurance? OH - I remember reading (I think through xDrip postings on Facebook?) about someone who refurbishes batteries in transmitters? I am going to try to search on that, but if anyone has info, would you mind sending it to me (can be in private message if that’s more appropriate). Thanks so much!

There is a long thread on FUD on people changing batteries on Dexcom transmitters, but my phone makes it very difficult to quote links :frowning:

However, due to Dexcom tech, G5 transmitters with swapped batteries only work on xDrip, sorry :frowning:

Thank you so much @Michel - I just searched within FUD and found the threads and saw that I’d have to use xDrip if I got the batteries replaced in current transmitters… ugh. Frustrating.

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@JessicaD There is an iPhone fork of xDrip+ called Spike

It’s a bit difficult to install but I’m sure it would do the trick.


This looks very interesting! Challenging… but interesting! I will let you know where I go with this – thank you so much! Jessica


Actually the spike was not that hard. I had a relative who is not very techie and they were able to do it.

The only trick is having to download the starter app first and make the manual request and wait for it to be acted on. That all is very strange and doesn’t sound proper but it really does work.

It looks like the process is changed from last time I looked. It used to use “TestFlight” but now uses “App Centre” for the download/install process.

Start by signing up at:
(Which apparently is the same basic link as Doc said but one of the subpages. I can’t figure out their fancy web site - just confuses me. Then again I don’t have an Apple iPhone so…)


I wussed out, guys. Threw in the towel and caved to the Dexcom G6. It should arrive today… Thank you so much for all of the info, though - wishing I wasn’t such a technophobe! Jessica


No worries, Jessica, it is not that easy :slight_smile: . Do let us know about your experiences with the G6!

I can relate to the struggle. I would not trust my kids (2 type 1’s) with Xdrip. The unknown in algorithms etc too risky. Having said that I fully understand wanting to get more time out of sensors and transmitters. Insurance companies have become ridiculous with coverage for T1’s. Drug companies get rich, insurance companies go about their business, and we all struggle. What’s wrong here!!!