Buying transmitter for dexcom without insurance

I have just swapped insurance and having trouble getting dexcom approved - my transmitter is about to run out - does anyone know where I can just buy a dexcom transmitter for cash and how much they go for - worried th insurance process willl go on for a while and I can’t live without my dexcom now !

If you are not Medicare, Medicaid (or anything similar) then I ?think? you can buy from Dexcom (direct) for cash? I am pretty sure other people have posted that they do this.

You didn’t mention if you use the G4 or the G5. Either way, it should be around $600 for a single G4 or a pair of G5 transmitters.

Plus or minus but I think that would be the ballpark?

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Yes – $300 per G5 transmitter directly from Dexcom. That’s what they listed for me 6 months ago, assuming rates did not change.

We must ban him for high crimes and misdemeanors!(kidding, inside joke)

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Have you thought about repurposing an old transmitter and using it with xDrip?

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I saw that but I have an iPhone so it’s not possible - I’m trying to buy one on the share app they have where people sell their supplies they don’t want and I have to speak to dexcom as the online store won’t work for me as I previously got it from a supplier and now I don’t have one

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Very cost effective, but he probably won’t have time since his transmitter is almost out.

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I watched a video on this tonight and it looks very easy (time consuming, but not hard)…if I ever run into financial hardships, I’ll definitely be looking more deeply into this method for Liam. Just replace batteries and vwhala.

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oic, I thought you meant buying the battery replacement online.

@Robellengold - Would an Android emulator running on an iPhone let you run the xdrip software?

No, actually sanding down the top of an old transmitter, replacing the battery, and reusing it.