Market for used G5 transmitters?

I’m an embedded software engineer, and have been curious about the technology in a friend’s Dexcom G5 equipment. She recently swapped out the transmitter and I was surprised to hear that the old transmitter just goes in the trash, given how expensive they are! She gave one to me instead to bust open and explore, but Google searches brought me here first.

After reading about people using xDrip to use the G5 transmitter beyond it’s software-enforced limits, and others replacing the batteries, I’m wondering if there’s a market for used G5 transmitters. How could someone who isn’t interested (or able) to going outside of the Dexcom ecosystem (i.e., use xDrip), connect with the community to potentially sell or at least donate what is currently trash?

There are Facebook pages that seem to be the best way to make the connection with those that are replacing batteries etc.

The use of XDrip, is easy, and then a patient will likely get 2 - 2.5x the lifetime of the original system, hardware depending.

Other than that, people are always interested if you find a way to build/make a better mousetrap.

For myself, we have good insurance and the current system works well for us. We are stockpiling the used transmitters in case things change.

Ditto. I haven’t opened up transmitters but I’m saving them in case of hard times. You better believe I’ll figure it out.

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Re-batterying and resetting is totally a thing. There are a couple of YouTube videos showing the steps.
I have a non rebatteried transmitter on currently (my first ever), and the battery is lasting very well, but I had to reset it on day 110 in order to keep using Native algorithm on xdrip+. I’ve since returned to OB1 algorithm, but I’m day 148, still going strong.
I have done a couple of rebattery attempts for other people, and find it rather fun (when it works).

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