Anyone need G5 sensors?

I apologize ahead of time for hijacking this thread, but I just joined tonight and I haven’t yet figured out how to post. .

Is anyone still using the Dexcom G5? I ask because I’m trying to find someone who could use some sensors. I don’t have any transmitters, however. I’m on the G6 now and I don’t want to see them go unused.

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Hi @Becky, welcome to FUD!

That is nice of you to offer. I stopped using the G5 when Dexcom stopped making it and I had to start using the G6.

I wonder if anyone still has any G5 transmitters that still work! I don’t.

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Hi Eric. Yeah, I hope to find someone. Maybe there are people out there still using it but probably not for much longer.

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Only someone that replaces batteries in G4/G5 transmitter. But they most likely ran out of G4/G5 sensors awhile ago.

So a slight chance someone could use them, with G4/G5 transmitter battery replacement.


Hi @Becky your sensors would be such a blessing for me!!!


Dear MOD, Isn’t this a RX item? I thought those are not allowed on this site? If this is acceptable let us know because I have lots of RX items that can go too! Thank you!