DIY: replacing Dexcom G5 batteries?

I have every dead g5 stored in a box. I’m contemplating changing the batteries myself a la youtube video instructions. One day. One day.
Has anyone here done it?
Hints. Tips, Tricks?! Please. :facepunch::sunglasses::+1:


I am saving up all my old transmitters and fully anticipate using this video and others like it as valuable resources for me in the event we ever lose our insurance coverage. Knowing it’s possible is a great relief.


@ADiazENG, several of our members have done that in the past. I don’t have everyone’s name in mind but I think @elver has?

I have not, but do know there are people with the skills and tools to do so. Some people, for a fee will change batteries, when sent a dead transmitter in exchange. Something i may try.

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@ADiazENG. The trick is to go slow on the 1st one, there is a circuit board beneath the 2 batterues, and don’t be afraid to sacrifice it for knowledge if necessary.

Also the batteries are on Amazon for<$4 if I recall correctly. The G5 uses Renata 389 exclusively. I use jb weld or sugru to reseal.

The first 1 or 2 are laborious projects. Beyond that you develop muscle memory and things go.quicker.

There is so a way to reset the modified transmitters, but I have not used it since I am not Apple centric:

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