Battery replacement for g6

Buttery replacement g6

Hi did someone have changed battery for g6 and can help me?

There are various groups out there which do that.

However they try to fly under the radar a bit so they don’t get shut down by the FDA and/or Dexcom.

I know everybody is in their own financial situation but remember that it is the sensors that are the more expensive part at approximately $10 / day as compared to the transmitter at approximately $2.25 / day.

Assuming 10-day sensor and 90-day transmitter per warranty. Assuming cash price without insurance of $100 per G6 sensor and $200 per G6 transmitter.


I change batteries and have done 3 so far. Please contact me at feinstei9415@yahoo.com if you’re going to attempt a battery change and I will help you do it yourself (my advice is free). If you have a couple of G6 80 or 81 transmitters that are dead, I can change the battery for you on a “give me two transmitters and I’ll give you back one with a replaced battery” deal. You need to pay trackable USPS postage both ways (about $7.00). I can supply the battery at no charge (they’re only $3.00)…

Once I’ve replaced the battery, you can do it yourself after it dies again (in about 6 months) by peeling off the epoxy and popping out the battery and buying a replacement from Amazon. You of course must buy some sealing glue at Walmart as well to re-seal it. Then you can keep using your old, renewable 80 or 81 G6 transmitter forever (the transmitters don’t die, only the battery does).

Take a look at some of my other posts for helpful advice on doing the battery change. Remember, do everything (Dremel tool and drilling) EXTREMELY slowly… In fact, I nowadays use a hand file to get to the battery rather than a Dremel tool since I have more control over where I expose the battery and don’t break any contacts…

Please note: I am a veterinarian by trade and not a professional battery changer. I do the G6 battery change stuff as a hobby along with model trains, playing tuba in community bands etc. Thus, I am not running this as a business.


That’s pretty cool. Most videos I’ve seen don’t seem to be that easy to do multiple times. Saw one that could be recharged.

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There is a Facebook group that replaces G4 and G5 batteries. I think they also replace G6 batteries too. I am using the G4, and I send my transmitter to the service with $60. The G4 battery is replaced and it lasts 5 months. That is a very good bargain. I have been using the service for several years.

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I was going to throw 3 used G5 transmitters in the trash this morning, but saw this and thought I’d see if anyone wants them. Any takers?

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Yes , pls me, I change baterys and give for charity thx

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