Refurbishing g6 v1 transmitters for personal use

i have a neighbor, mother of 4 with type 1 diabetes and she just ran out of ability to purchase through her insurance for the year, i have ability to grind, battery swap, and restart g6 transmitters SN starting with 80xxxx 81xxxx (find procedure on youtube) & then resettting internal clock using spike app. if you can please work with me to get one or two, myself and neighbor would appreciate it. as you know the new generation g6 transmitters that have a seam through the middle and do not start with 80 and 81 cannot have battery replaced, or nearly impossible without damaging logic board, and they require some kind of flashing of software post battery replacement, it appears that someone has that ability, because i noticed some vendors purchase these g6 v2s, i am not familiar with this flashing process, if someone is do contribute.

a few other worthy notes i use a small hand held grinder, a knife, gloves, to remove old battery, i do occasionally solder the wires since they do become quite small and harder to make contact. wires can be soldered on new battery if you have a very hot soldering iron. i have a Hako higher end model, i verify the contacts post install to ensure some DC voltage is present, then i can place epoxy glue to seal it. i use the spike app which requires macbook to install on a iphone/ipad, after replacing battery i verify voltage and resistance; if reistance is high (over 2000) sometimes these can fail, the spike app allows me to reset the internal clock, sometimes not if the transmitter is dying…? thought i’d document these thoughts with my personal use experience. again if you accept to provide somei do not intend to profit in anyway from this, thank you.

Hi @eerstenk while your intentions may be noble, maybe hang out a while and get to know us before hitting us up for the big ask. Yes, many of us do have the transmitters you seek (I know I do), but and here’s the but. … I don’t know you. So at this time while I might empathize with your neighbors plight I’m a little hesitant to just turn over my transmitters used or not to just anyone.

Let’s start again.

Hi @eerstenk welcome to FUD! There’s lots of interesting people and articles here. What interests you?


ok cool, this is super helpful, so spend the next year tricking people on the internet that im an honest person. got it. nothing really interest me, dm me for my facebook which is as real as it gets for online identities, if that is not enough i guess you bring on a valid point and would be futile to attempt such thing on forums, it is the internet after all. maybe i dunno, post it on a private ebay sale and ill toss you a $20, which is about as much as these refurbishers give you for these transmitters. frankly dont have much time for the internets with two jobs and a family to prove myself to other internet strangers with elaborate online identities.

also seems like a lot of effort for someone to post this message on here asking for two, not 200, transmitters i can use until next year to make THOUSANDS of pesos in profits. but maybe im not seeing your logic. had a long day, so pardon my french, but i actually think an ebay sale would be best, would be willing to pay whatever you would charge for a non working, no guarantee g2 v1 transmitter. btw my success rate for these transmitters at this point, restoring them is 2/4, some end up with high resistance or inability to restart through spike