How long does a G6 Transmitter REALLY last?

Well I guess I won’t really be able to say, since I pulled the plug today while it was still running. But I will say it lasted pretty darned long. I started using G6 on December 23, and finally switched to a new transmitter today, so that is 184 days and still functioning.

The transmitter I started on 12/23 was made on 9/7/2018, sell by 5/9/2019. The one I started today was made on 2/11/2019, sell by 10/13/2019. So I’m closer to the sell by date with this one. It’ll be interesting how long this one lasts.

For anyone interested in the specs of the first one as reported by xDrip, the resistance has been going up and voltages going down over the last couple months, but I never saw a decrease in realtime packet capture. The resistance and voltage readings jumped around some, and do not steadily change. xDrip reads once every 12 hours, and I would see numbers go from 1600’s to 1700’s and back again pretty regularly.

The last resistance I saw today was 1823, voltage 291 and 262. The readings for my brand new one inserted today are 1229, 298 and 278. I have earlier readings for the old transmitter over time if anyone is interested.

I’ve been very happy with the G6 and really can’t say enough good things about it.


Great news. Glad it worked for so long, of course that is double the lifetime, so really nice. It would be helpful if you could post the info over time. It is not clear to me if the voltage or the resistance is the trigger for it dying off, but that is expected behavior.

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I don’t know if this will be of any interest, but I’ll try. I saw a lot of variability over time in all three: resistance, voltage A and voltage B. For example, I just checked my newly installed transmitter (which was 1229/298/278 a couple days ago when I started it) and is now 1084/299/281. Its possible xDrip isn’t reading the G6 correctly; I don’t know.

I would see similar bouncing around with my last transmitter, so no one reading was all that significant. For example on 5/12 I saw 1619/296/270 but then 12 hours later 1372/297/295. On average, though, and ignoring the outliers I would say I went from about 1300/298/277 (four months after starting the transmitter) to 1500/296/272 (five months after starting the transmitter) to 1650/292/267 (six months when I pulled the plug). So there was a trend on average, just not for any particular reading.

That is the problem. XDrip+ reads battery stats for the G5, which apparently is in a different configuration than the G6.

The complaints about it have pretty much died down on Gitter and Github. Apparently not a high priority for JamOrHam at this time.


Thanks for mentioning gitter. I already knew about github NightscoutFoundation/xDrip/Issues list (and see you are a frequent contributor there). Have you found anywhere else besides these two with useful discussions about xDrip?

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@jag1 I know there is a pretty active Facebook group, but as a matter of principle I never go to Facebook and don’t have an account.

I like the Gitter and Github groups because JamOrHam is a frequent contributor.

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I’m reading the gitter feed, figured I’d go back to june 1 so it will take some time.

Two questions, if you don’t mind:

  1. is it possible to do a search within the gitter discussions?
  2. do you know how to find what has changed in each new release/build? (as listed in github NightscoutFoundation/xDrip/releases)? I would assume there would be a list of fixed bugs/features for each build, but don’t see it.
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@jag1 1. There is no search feature on Gitter. This is one thing that makes it almost untenable if you don’t read it daily.

  1. Unfortunately, there is no changelog for xDrip+. I see requests for one on a regular basis, but I guess it would be a monumental task.

These are probably the two main reasons why current information about xDrip+ is so difficult to come by. If you can find a more useable resource please let me know. Thanks.

Can you reset the receiver without changing the sensor?

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I think you are asking to extend sensor past 10 days, using only G6 receiver ? Yes, this can be done, see link below. The receiver sensor days is set back to 0, without removing sensor. If you have android phone, can use xDrip and it is much easier.

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Thanks Katie

Not to Hijack, but I’m on loop now which is android using dexcom and no receiver unit. Any way to reset the sensor in loop or should I just change it every 10 days? I’ve built up a bit of a supply with replacements and extensions, so I could if I had to.

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Here are the 4 options

There are several ways to restart a G6 sensor, listed below from easiest to hardest. (Technically, Options 1 and 2 are so much easier than other options…that it’s almost not worth doing the others)

  1. Use the G6 receiver to restart
  2. Use the phone to restart (without receiver)
  3. Use the resetTransmitter app
  4. Remove the transmitter from the sensor

You should be able to do option 4 in any situation.
But doesn’t Loop app have similar option as xDrip, to set for autorestart?

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I ask because loop is on an iPhone and I’m using Dexcom app, so that of course has no reset. I’m not suing the receiver.

What is the reset Transmitter app? Never heard of that one?

Not familiar with #4.

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To reset the transmitter either use Spike or the transmitter reset app. Instructions can be found here. You use xCode in the same way you set up your loop.

Once downloaded, the reset app looks like the following, on the iPhone


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Then option 2 should work. End result is that transmitter is updated to say you are back on day 1 of sensor, and app should confirm sensor days (by reading it from transmitter).

Extending sensor is different than resetting (extending) transmitter, which I think @ClaudnDaye linked to.
In that case, the trick is that it updates the transmitter days instead of sensor days.

This time I let my G6 transmitter run until it failed, and it went a total of 204 days, so slightly more than twice its reported lifetime. It is a 80 type transmitter which is no longer available (8H type is not yet resettable). Current stats for Resistance/VoltA/VoltB are 2829/286/245. In reality it is not completely dead, and actually still reports data, but then immediately Stops and has to be restarted making it effectively unusable.

204 days! That’s awesome! Congrats! May have to start extending them after all. My insurance changed in January and things that used to be free now cost and not just a small copay.

Here’s the xDrip+ changelog: Commits · jamorham/xDrip-plus · GitHub

So far as I have been able to determine the last two numbers are simply the battery (cell) voltage in cV, the first under no load, the second under load. The numbers you posted are consistent with the cell draining over time and 2.45V under load certainly suggests to me that there is not enough life left in the cell to successfully perform high load activities, like bluetooth transmits.

I don’t understand what the “resistance” is. I have assumed that it is simply the resistance of the sensor; there really shouldn’t be anything inside the transmitter that changes resistance with time.