Tips on resetting transmittor on g6 via android phone

can u plz help me to reset my g6 transmittor as i only have an android LG V20 phone! thank you

Many use xDrip on android phone. See details here.

This essentially replaces your Dexcom app, and provides more features.

With xDrip, you can reset trans, but don’t need to because xDrip does not stop reading based on number of days, like the dexcom does.

Another post on reset with xDrip.


It appears the newer G6 transmitters may be prevented from reset. What is first 3 digits of your G6 transmitter?

I have never tried to reset it (I use xDrip+ exclusively), but I do replace before 120 days; I seem to get increasing connect failures over time and this seems to correspond to the drop in the transmitter battery ‘load’ voltage “Voltage B” in xDrip+.

As a result at present my supply problem is the transmitters; I have sensors stacked to the eaves since they just keep on working, but I don’t have a reserve transmitter at this point. Roll on G7; it makes much more sense to replace the battery with the sensor and the electronics are micron scale so that just fits.

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Dexcom has been making changes, and now has G6 transmitter id starting with 80, 81 and 8G, that behave differently, which may impact those that extend (restart) sensors, or extend (reset) transmitter.

Details in the 8/1/2019 document in link.


Hi & thank you for your reply to my emmail!! The first 3 digits of my transmitter are 80B! What purpose does that serve?

thx again😉

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This means you have an older transmitter, which can be reset. Newer transmitters have changes that prevent this.

In my case my previous transmitter, from EdgePark, was one of the 80’s, manufactured 2018-09-04, my current transmitter from Walmart is an 81, manufactured 2019-05-14. Both transmitters have an expiry date that is exactly 244 days after the manufacture date; with a day of 8 months. My guess is that they don’t trust the installed battery for more than a year.

I just got an 8G transmitter with my refill (90 days after the 81 transmitter), manufacture date 2019-08-25. I just hope xDrip+ supports this before I have to use it, the idea of going back to the Dexcom receiver definitely does not appeal to me.

If your Dexcom G6 transmitter’s serial no. is starting with 8G… try nightly build 2019/07/28 or later

Sounds like the xDrip coders are on it. Although the “try” does seem to imply the 8Gxxxx transmitters may still be a work in progress in terms of xDrip support


My G6 transmitter expired a few days ago. After reading many forums I installed xDrip+ on my Samsung Galaxy tab, connected to the transmitter and reset. I checked the dates and it showed 108 days remaining. Unpaired fromTab. Now on the iPhone (that I usually use with Dexcom app) I unpaired and deleted connection, rebooted. Tried to set up a new connection to the transmitter with the transmitter ID. Dexcom app did not connect. It appeared my Dexcom account had the info about that transmitter and ‘knew’ that transmitter expired after 90 days. Did anybody face this problem? Any workaround? Thanks.

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You could try updating transmitter id to a different number, then retry. Expect it to fail. The start again as though you had a new transmitter.

Or If you have G6 Receiver, try similar steps, with phone app off.

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