Xdrip resets and restarts with G6 and tslim:x2

A few questions regarding XDrip in combination with Dexcom G6 and Tslim:X2. Thanks!

  • I have read conflicting information about xdrip and the latest crop of Dexcom transmitters. My daughter currently has one with serial number beginning with “8G”. Can these transmitters be reset?
  • What about sensors, can they be restarted?
  • Does the auto-restart feature work with the G6/X2 or does that have to be disabled?
  • If not, what is the manual way to restart sensors?
  • Normally we start and stop sensor via the X2 pump. What are the consequences of starting or stopping from xdrip or the dexcom app versus doing it directly on the pump?
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@Thomas, any thoughts?

There are several discussions here and will link to them.

High level, starting with 8G transmitters, it gets a bit more challenging.

To extend sensors, the auto extend does not work. The transmitter needs to be physically removed from sensor, without removing sensor. Then wait 20 minutes and then snap transmitter back on. Then treat it like a new sensor.

I have done reset (days) on 8G transmitter (via xDrip), but we have learned later 8Gs may have later software versions that prevent it. 8Hs may have even more limitations. The auto restart does not work, since transmitter now expects a disconnect of sensor, to make it think the sensor was physically changed.

I don’t have tslim, but use dexcom G6 Receiver for the sensor start/stop, and xDrip follows same data when Native is set. The Tslim pump should work same.

With 8G transmitter, I found it gets confused if I try start or stop sensor from xDrip.

Here is a previous post.