Dexcom G6 - restarting a sensor problem w/ 8Kxxxxxx transmitter

I’m having problems restarting a Dexcom G6 Sensor. In the past, I’ve been quite successful with the remove transmitter, and start a new session with an existing sensor method to extend the use of a sensor.

However, this is the first time that I’m trying to restart with a new 8Kxxxx transmitter, and it’s not working. Around an hour into the warm up, I get a “sensor failed start” message on Xdrip+ (version e14bae1-2020.7.13 Code 2007131533).

The xdrip home screen says i’m still in warm up at the top, but sensor failed at the bottom. See my screen capture below. Is it hopeless? I think I’ll change the sensor for this session, but it would be nice to be able to restart the next one.

Ok while I was drafting the post above the picture, I had to leave. After a couple of hours, the warmup period ended, but the sensor error is still present and I’m not getting data. Kind of feels hopeless for a restart. Any advice or experience is appreciated. Did Dexcom succeed in spoiling restarts with the 8Kxxxxxx transmitters? Any success stories and techniques are appreciated.


Restarts are trickier now. Using xDrip can only be done with xDrip in native mode.

Many posts here if you search.
Basically you need to remove transmitter from sensor while still on skin. Wait 20-30 minutes. Then put transmitter on sensor and start.


Ok, I thought I’d post an update. I was successful getting my sensor restarted. As MM2 suggested, i removed the transmitter from the sensor and waited an hour before trying to do another restart.

Previously, I was watching the xDrip system status screen to say that my queued sensor stop command was completed. That only takes a few minutes, and then I’d restart the sensor and it would work after the 2 hour warmup. Looks like 8Kxxxx transmitters need more time than I was waiting.

Being reminded to be patient was what I needed. And now I know that it is possible to restart sensors with 8Kxxxx transmitters.