Dexcom picked up restart

This morning was the first time that I tried to restart a sensor for the Dexcom 6. I followed posted directions that many are using here. All went well until a half hour into the 2 hours warm up. It beeped and stopped the warm up stating something to the effect of these are one time sensors and a new sensor was needed. I have not seen any posts on this. I will now start a new sensor but has anyone had this and have they changed something that allows the system to know it is being reused?

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Did you check this post?

What is first 3 char of transmitter?

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Thank you I must have missed this one. I think I read the first entry or two and thought it pertained more to xdrip, which I do not use. Coincidentally I just switched to the new transmitter they put out at my last session. I was using directions for the old transmitter restart. I am in the warm up with a new one but will try the steps outlines in this thread next time.

There are now a number of transmitters out there.
As @MM2 indicated, if you provide the starting chars of the Transmitter serial number then it often provides significant context to your post.


The starting characters are 8G86. All this technology is new to me and using forums. I have actually been diabetic for almost 40 years but avoided technology until earlier this year. I enjoy reading the posts here and think it is great how everyone helps one another.


@Miaary1, I haven’t read the other comments, but I get that message on a regular basis and just start over again without changing the sensor. Sometimes it takes 1-3 attempts before it does it, but the “no restarts” message doesn’t mean it’s a done deal at all. Different transmitter IDs require different processes though. Do you know what your transmitter ID is?

Just read the other comments. They’re on it. :grin: I think the 8Gxxxx requires removing the transmitter for 30 minutes. It’s a completely different process from the other restart steps, but people are having good success. If no one provides a link to the steps, let me know, and I’ll find it for you.

Good luck!


That page doesn’t mention the 8Hxxxx transmitters (“8H”); Dexcom released the 8Gxxxx into the US market then, within 3 months, released the 8H. That’s pretty fast for something that requires extensive testing so it looks like a bug-fix release for a problem (or “feature” in sofware terms) in the 8G sensors.

I didn’t try restarting until I had got completely used to the G6, initially with the Dexcom receiver (which I hated) then with xDrip+. It’s pretty easy to change a sensor but the downside is the warm up time. I don’t even notice the xDrip+ auto-restart at 9 days but if I had to go through the restart approach described above I wouldn’t do it - I’d just replace the sensor.

So if the 8G transmitter doesn’t allow a restart I guess I’ll just end up replacing the sensor every 9 days (when the restart fails) until I move to the 8H. I have plenty of sensors so using 13 of them over 117 days isn’t going to be a problem for me.

To restart 8G, many have found they need to physically remove transmitter, wait 30 minutes and then put back on existing sensor.

Do you know if the transmitter is then in “warm up” mode, i.e. as though it is not a restart but a completely new transmitter? (With 81xxxx and xDrip+ the readings aren’t interrupted by a restart and, apparently, the readings do not become unreliable either.)

Just my guess, but I think start/stop sensor pertain to the receiver (phone app or device) deciding to “receive” data from transmitter or not. I think transmitter just keeps sending readings (which xDrip can read, while receiver ignores).

With G4, I had 2 receivers, both reading same sensor/transmitter. While one was in stop/start 2hr wait mode, the other receiver still got and displayed readings.

However if G6 solution is to remove transmitter for 30 minutes, then no valid readings.