Accidentally stopped sensor. How to restart?

Accidentally stopped sensor. Still have 5 days. How to restart?

Haven’t used this personally as yet but noted it for possible future use if I do likewise: Dexcom G6 restarts and resets – See My CGM


Hi @peep - welcome to the forum.

This happened to me as well, and I couldn’t figure out a way to restart it. Once you stop it, it’s done. I think - maybe I’m wrong.

What I did was called Dexcom and they sent me another. Their customer service on this is usually very forgiving - although sometimes these days it takes a while to get through.

Here is a more recent method.


PS @Peep once you successfully restart, you have another 10 days! Hope it all worked out for you!

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My son has T1, but I tried a sensor and transmitter he was done with on myself (no diabetes) to have some comparison between diabetes and not diabetes. I restarted it 3 times, like the links here said, and it worked fine. Key is to wait 15-20 min once you remove the transmitter and of course go through the removal while the sensor is still in. Not recommending this to people who actually need reliable data, but it worked very well for me.


Called Dexcom and no way to restart. Will send new sensor. Great but I’m on vacation for another 5 days. Luckily i packed twice as many supplies than I figured I’d need. Getting smart in my old age🙃

The sensors are not certified by Dexcom to be restarted. Used to be easy to restart, but Dexcom has made G6 more difficult, since there is no FDA approval of restarts.

But it CAN be done, but with caution that the results are not guaranteed.

check prior posts if interested.

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@Peep I restart mine all the time. I like restarted sensors better! They don’t take as much calibration to become more accurate for me.

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Same. If Liam’s sensor lasts the whole 10 days without any disconnects in data we reuse it and get another 3 to 5 days of use out of it and it’s never not worked for us.