G6 transmitter restart query

Hi everyone, I am using the G6 but had to stop my plan due to work and money, I had restarted my sensors so have a few left but am coming to the end of my transmitters 3 month life and don’t have a spare so am considering either changing the battery or doing a restart however I only have the iPhone and don’t have a Mac computer to create the restart app - unsure what my options are at this point, if anyone can help that would be great ? Thanks

What is the transmitter id, first 2 characters?

Newer transmitters can not be reset.

Welcome, @Juicy. I don’t have a helpful answer, but am sure that someone will be around soon with either helpful advice or experience. :blossom:

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Hi there the first two characters are 8G, can I do anything to reboot ? Thanks

Unfortunately this version is not able to reset, due to changes dexcom made to prevent it. 80 and early 81 could be reset.

Are you able to get a new transmitter?
Cash price with goodrx discount is about $250.

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Hi and thanks for letting me know, guess i’ll have to bite the bullet and purchase one.