Xdrip+ with Dexcom G6 and Tandem Tslim

I need some help from anybody using xdrip+ and the Tandem TSlim pump. The pump connects to the G6 instead of the Dexcom receiver. I removed the G6 app from my phone and installed xdrip+ several days ago and am learning a lot.

I want to use xdrip to extend the life of my sensors and transmitter but all the instructions talk about the Dexcom receiver and don’t mention instructions for using the Tandem pump instead.

Would love to hear from anybody that is using this configuration.

Is there any issue you specifically are facing?

Not using xdrip myself, I would think any reference you see for the Dexcom Receiver would simply refer to the X2 pump.

Does this still leave unresolved issues for you?

Actually been using the Dexcom G6 with Tandem pump for 18 months. It’s been 12 months since they integrated the Dexcom software into the pump. I’ve been using the pump and an Android with the Dexcom app since then.

My question is more about restarting the sensors and transmitters to get more life out of them. I’ve seen 2 options for doing this. The first was to manually restart the sensors but it required hiding the Dexcom receiver for the 2 hour warm up period in a Faraday bag. I don’t want to go 2 hours without wearing the pump.

The other option was to use xdrip which would apparently restart the sensors automatically. But details of the settings are sketchy and seem to assume that you are using the Dexcom receiver.

Hopefully someone who is using xdrip with the x2 pump can chime in.

Thanks for your reply.

Meaning you updated your X2 pump with the Basal-IQ and G6 update last year around December of 2018 ?

Yea, the timing sounds about right. When I first bought my Tandem, I went with the G6 instead of the G5 because Tandem said it would be integrated soon and I didn’t have to calibrate.

I have been using the Tandem X2 and xDrip+ with the G6. The only out-of-the-ordinary thing I am doing is using a Sony watch as the xDrip+ bridge to receive G6 readings and relay them to my phone.

The Tandem seems to replace all functions of the G6 receiver without any differences that I can see, so the two are interchangeable.

I don’t restart my Dexcom sensors any more because I am lucky to get 8 days out of the current crop of sensors. Back in the days when I did restart with xDrip+ I generally got 11 to 12 days or a little more, and one exceptional one lasted 22 days. Something has changed.

I have restarted two transmitters that were older but still communicating using the xDrip+ instructions. For that I changed the transmitter ID in xDrip+ to do the restart and left the pump alone. But I have had problems getting back to the working transmitter on xDrip+ and can’t remember how I resolved them. Think maybe I had to switch to the phone as the bridge for G6 readings. Somebody else may have better advice for that. A search on this forum for restart will find instructions.

Good luck!

That doesn’t sound good if you are only getting 8 days when you should be getting 10 without cheating. I haven’t got to the point where my sensor was ready to restart so haven’t tried restarting it yet.

I assumed the same thing that the Tandem is the G6 receiver replacement for all the instructions. But I’m not going to lock my pump in the microwave for 2 hours!

I’ll try swapping the instructions and use the pump for the reset and shut the phone off for 2 hours. It might work.