Xdrip+ Stopped during restart

I’ve been using xDrip+ on Samsung GS9+ for about a month. Today, it tried to restart my sensor (day 9), but failed. The sensor is only 9 days old.

The first time it restarted a sensor, I remember having some sort of status. I do not have anything but Stopped at the bottom of the screen. Not sure what to do at this point. Have only tried restarting my phone.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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@docslotnick any thoughts?

@daphne Are you using G6, and are you using a sensor with serial number starting with 8G…? There have been problems automatically restarting these sensors. They are the new ones that Dexcom just put out. It’s been a hot topic and the impetus for a lot of work put into the new updates.

First, download the latest xDrip+ nightly version

Then, follow these instructions that have been posted on Gitter

I‘m also on a G6 with a 8G transmitter and the nightly 20190910 and did a manually restart of the sensor (9,6 days) as desribed by @acron0. I stopped the sensor, put out the transmitter for 15 minutes and started the sensor again directly after plug in transmitter. After 2h warming up the sensor is running fine again starting with 0 days. That‘s a good intermediate result in the issue with the 8G. Thanks to all who developed and described solutions before.

Hope it works for you! And Welcome to FUD!

@docslotnick Thank you for your response.

I am using G6 with 8G transmitter. I’m just learning about the new 8G transmitter.
Once I knew it wasn’t going to restart I followed these instructions:
Stopped and restarted my sensor.
When it asked for a code, I entered 0000 and the actual date it was first inserted.
After 15 minutes, stopped the sensor and restarted again using the correct code, and the original date of insertion. It did the 2-hour warm-up and has been working since.

Regarding the transmitter: this is a new one and my numbers for it are: voltage a: 305; voltage b: 288; and resistance is 7689. From what I understand from your post on here, the resistance is way too high. Just wondering what that really means and could it possibly not last.

I did a check for new updates and nothing came up. Are we supposed to update each time there’s a new release, or does the app update itself?

Thank you again.

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@daphne Glad you got it restated.

The battery stats on G6 really mean nothing. They were developed for G4 and G5. The developer is working on it for G6’

As far as the updates, it depends on what update channel you choose. Go to settings>xDrip update settings and tap update channel. You can choose stable, beta, alpha, or nightly. I recommend nightly.

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@docslotnick Under my Update Channel I only have 3 options: Stable, which I’ve selected, Beta and Alpha. No nightly. I do have Automatic update check on. I haven’t received any notifications, though I see there are nightly updates on line.

Hi @daphne You may need to enable engineering mode to get the nightly update channel.

Or, you can access nightlies manually.


@docslotnick I’ve enabled engineering mode and see how that goes. Appreciate all your help!

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