Trying to find a replacement battery service for g4 transmitter who’s not on facebook

Does anyone know of Dexcom G4 battery replacement service that isn’t on Facebook please in the uk

Welcome to FUD @Trish. I am sure someone will be along shortly with some information (fingers crossed). In the meantime, one question - Are you using Xdrip+? The reason I ask is that some members on our forum have used transmitters for much longer than allowed by the standard Dexcom applications.

If no one is able to locate a service in the UK, would you consider doing it yourself?

I’ve had dexcom transmitter a year now so it’s bound to pack up soon. I don’t want to pay for a new one as my pump is being changed from animas over the next few months and it isn’t compatible with other pumps

It would just be easier to locate a replacement service in the Uk without Facebook as I don’t use the social media sites. Hopefully there’s a website address somewhere. Fingers crossed


Check this discussion

I have not done replacements, but may in the future.

There is a fellow in the Czech Republic who replaces G4 batteries. You can find him via Google and you can do the transaction without Facebook.

Or, you can sign up with Facebook, join your chosen battery replacement group, and then not use FB for anything else. (It’s not that hard, I do it.) You can even sign up with a fake name if that will help you not get sucked into the rabbit hole.

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Hi Beacher
Do you still have a link to the Facebook group please. I looked but couldn’t find it.

Many thanks

I’ll PM you. The person prefers to not be too visible.

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