I heard from a source that there is now a way to hard reset g5 transmitters

For anyone familiar with Dexcom and G5 transmitters or xDrip+ Software alternative allowing extended use of the G5 transmitter that normally shuts itself off after 90 days. But a reliable source has said there is now a way to hard reset them so you can use the dexcom after a battery replacement. I use the older G4 but I really want to know how it is done!

He provides a battery replacement service for a fair price so he probably doesn’t want to share too much since this is a new capability for him. But he did tell me it is done via bluetooth. Not requiring the unit to be opened if the battery still has charge left. So yes. This is huge. Oh and the other thing I know is that it does not have to be done before the shutdown. Dead G5’s with replaced batteries can be reset to work with dexcoms software. Which could make the G6 viable if this Hack doesn’t get patched and IF it even works on G6. I only just found out so I am doing some digging but if you look at xdrip or spike app forums for info you can find out how long the batteries really last before needing to be cut out

What would you like to know. The G5 is very and intentionally fragile to work on. The G4 is easier. What did you want to know?

This guy has done hundreds of these. $75USD. Including return shipping in the US. Plus a little more for international. He uses a special tag welder that spot welds the new batteries down just like they use at Dexcom manufacturing plant.

There are ways of doing it without solder. Which is safer if you are inexperienced. Or you can get batteries with solderpads pre welded. But the youtube video shows a trim and tuck method. When I did it I made the big mistake of not trimming it enough. Then overheated the terminal trying to grind it shorter.

So what did you want to know?

Who is the “reliable source” for those of us that may want to use his service?

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Unless you have a specific question then you can be patient. I am posting every bit of information he has shared.

The G5 reset tool is currently available as a small stand-alone iPhone app. It is possible that the reset tool will be available in a more easily accessible form in the future, but at the moment It requires working with Xcode (Apple development platform). See ResetTransmitter App Installation instructions.

EDIT: Katie has just posted much more detailed, easier to follow instructions about how to install the reset app and extend G5 transmitter life, while still being able to use the official Dexcom app.

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It says you are a co-founder of this site? I can tell you how to contact him but I don’t want to break and rules on this site. I’m not soliciting his services but he is good. He has a closed facebook group. PM me and I will give you a way to find his group. I am in hospital but I will get back to you shortly. It’s Midnight where I am and a nurse just wrecked my cannula and I am getting smashed with messages.

Talk soon

Perhaps you can post his information on our thread on G5/G4 batter replacement.

Hope you get well soon, and Welcome to FUD!

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I’ve posted the original source information above, no need to wait for second-hand “reliable sources” to reveal their “secrets.” The reset tool is created in the DIY open-source community by the same people who originally reverse engineered G5 comms.

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@dm61 I saw that, thank you very much. I was just interested in finding another source for G5 battery replacement that @Ubas had mentioned.

The facebook group is here:

The guy who does the work is Kyle Farvour. Here is a picture of his nifty welder:


I understand your skepticism. But I was giving all the information I got from him but didn’t want to push or step on his toes. And I didn’t mention the group incase he got spammed for info.

I also did not know if I was breaking any FUD rules so I was acting with caution because a lot of the Diabetic groups I am in are very strict with what they allow so I felt better to ask permission first.

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I also apologize and appreciate the information. Sorry for my posts being harsh.

Welcome !!!


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@Ubas, Welcome to the site.

Nothing you have done has broken any rules. We honestly have as few rules as possible so that we can interact and share information without the shackles that are generally present when a site relies on commercial support.

People who you see with the co-founder tag have donated time and money to make sure we have this site. Fortunately, the costs haven’t been too crazy.

We are glad you are here.

You might want to post in the Welcome thread and add your years of experience to the cumulative total thread.

Thanks for the warm welcome Chris. Everyone seems to be really great here. Except one instance I thought someone was being impatient and pushy when I was being poked and prodded by nurses. But he respectfully did the right thing. Not his fault I am under pressure right now but it seems I have stirred up a buzz with this exciting development I stumbled on by chance. I couldn’t find this github gold on google but I even have a dev offering to poke around the code and possibly port it to android or windows… which I will be sure to share with FUD if anything comes of it

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All good. I know Kyle has had some unscrupulous people try to sabotage his efforts and create drama for him. Just didn’t want to cause him any grief. But in a matter of an hour I have an amazing new community here. Developers offering to investigate and port code if possible. Amazing. :heart_eyes:

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