Dexcom G6 Cost? Please help!

How much does it cost? I am G5 but not sure whether I want to switch yet

Transmitter Cost vs. G5
Sensor Cost vs G5
Receiver Cost vs G5

Anyone willing to share so I can make a better decision? Thanks!

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Looking forward to this information too. Hopefully same as G5, but I have been wrong on every count from my hopes lately. So I will defer to actual information.

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I’m curious to hear confirmation on how long the G6 transmitter lasts, and whether sensors can be restarted. That will make a big difference in actual cost.

I have used G4 transmitters for at least 11-16 months, whereas the G5 transmitter has a countdown for usage, then ends. (Unless you use other means.).

So I’m likely to stay on G4, as I believe it will remain the lowest cost. But will be great to have others feedback on the G6.