Dexcom refusing to replace transmitter

I am about to lose my everloving mind with Dexcom. I have been a faithful user for over 6 years but over the past year or so I’ve had repeated issues with sensors and now a transmitter, and customer service is not super easy to get in touch with.

My insurance company shipped my newest G6 transmitter to me in November 2019. I started using it on 1/3. On 3/23 I got the transmitter expiring alert (20 days left or so, I believe). Two days later, today (3/25), I got a new alert I hadn’t seen before - low transmitter alert (said something like battery critically low). An hour after that, I didn’t have any more readings (lasted 4 hours, until I took it off). I assumed it was a transmitter issue because the sensor was acting normally until then and I had that weird battery low alert, then no data.

I called Dexcom to let them know my transmitter died too early (before the 90 days). The rep had me power cycle my phone - because I had a signal loss error, she thought it was the sensor, but that didn’t solve it (probably because the transmitter was dead). Eventually she insisted that because the transmitter was in the last 10 days of the 90 day cycle, I should have expected to need to replace it. Even though I explained that I always get a notice when it will be my last session with each transmitter and I didn’t this time, she didn’t care because it was almost 90 days. BUT IT DIDN’T MAKE IT TO 90 DAYS. So now I’m over a week short.

Just frustrated that this rep did not understand that the transmitter is supposed to last 90 days. She was also concerned that it had been shipped to me in November - why should that matter?! They have an expiration date of a year from when they are manufactured. Shouldn’t they have replaced it?? Am I wrong? I am just so aggravated.


I think you should try it again. Place another call to them. Ask for a supervisor callback.

It’s worth trying.

I have not read any fine print that says 90 days does not mean 90 days.

Refer them to their own site:

I think they can get in trouble for not backing that up. Both of these links are active and under the “www.dexcom.com” URL umbrella. Making such a statement and not backing it up puts them in a bad spot legally.

You can probably find more specific ones for G6 though. Maybe should read through this first before calling them:

For additional information, please refer to either the Warranty card that was included in the shipment box or the user’s guide.


I agree w Eric. Try again because you are RIGHT.

The reason the rep was looking at your ship date is that, regardless of what the box says, you now have 5 months to start the transmitter from your ship date.

But you were way within that duration. Pls post again tomorrow and tell us Dexcom is shipping you a new transmitter :slight_smile: Or giving you a credit.


Thanks you, I’m so glad to know I’m not wrong! I will call again. (Well, I did leave a comment on their Facebook page and maybe I’ll wait for a generic response there, ha…)


Yes!! I will try sometime soon. The rep I talked to seemed a bit frustrated too but still, needs to do things correctly.


and @Eric:
Thank you both for the suggestion to try again. Got a response to my facebook post, sent a message to their social media email address, and 2 reps called me back (one while I was on the phone with the other). Didn’t ask too many questions and said a new transmitter is on the way! Very happy with that resolution. :slight_smile:


Great news!

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