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Hello all!,
I have a 670 system running in manual mode. I found that it never could catch up to my 2:1 CR and was always running high. In MM I have a 6.4 A1c…My question is I am interested in running the Spike app and I realize that the Guardians don’t bluetooth. What CGM is the cheapest overall off insurance for this ability? I would also like to know if Spike works like the share mode in Dexcom. Thanks and have a healthy day! Rick


Hi @TopazRick! Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: Have you looked into the Libre? I don’t think the 14 day sensor is up with Spike yet (not in America), but they either have an app currently that’s got following capability, or there’s one coming down the pike.

That’s a terrible answer. I hope someone who knows what they’re talking about comes around. :grin:

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No, I haven’t…I used to have a G6, but insurance, being what it is, only lets me run the guardians…If Medtronic would revamp their thought process and let a T1 direct what’s important, maybe they would be more beneficial…I was duped into the whole Auto mode…They should have asked what the CR was before I bought it…What a waste. I was doing better on the 630. I guess the transmitters would sit on top of the sensor and bluetooth into the app? I am intrigued by the whole looped idea…Just wading through the topic now…

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Welcome @TopazRick, thanks for joining out community and starting off with a pretty difficult question.

My understanding is that the long-term cheapest solution is the 10-day Libre, however if you have a Costco membership you might want to check out the link below for getting the G6 at a reduced price for some indeterminate amount of time.

How to order G6 and other Dexcom supplies from Costco

Tips, Tech & GearC/GM


Once the 14-day Libre’s get their communication system cracked, then the Libre will be the cheapest off of insurance that can communicate the way you want. Right now it appears some are having luck finding th 10-day sensors, but others are finding it difficult. Also, you need to purchase some additional hardware to get the Libre to act like a CGM. Something like the MioMio or Blucon


Thanks!! I am a member of Costco so that might be the way to go. Do I need a reader if I go purely Spike? That could save money over time with the expense of the Blucon or Miomio…What do the transmitters run? If you have any idea…

If you are doing the Dexcom and have a phone running Xdrip, Spike or the Dexcom app, you do not need the reader. You can do everything you need through the phone. We haven’t even taken ours out of the box.


@TopazRick, the Guardians fall under DME with my insurance as does Dexcom. For this reason, I had to choose one or the other… which was a no brainer. :hugs: I also pick up Libre because it falls under my pharmacy benefits. So I can get both Dexcom and Libre through insurance. However, there are people who can do that with both Medtronic and Dexcom. I’m sure you have, but have you spoken with your insurance company about which is which?


Outside of the U.S., for what it’s worth, people are back using their MiaoMiao with the 14 day sensor. That might mean it will be an option here in the not too distant future.


Do you know who invented the MiaoMiao?

I’m going to bet… either you do… or you did. :yum:

I don’t have any idea. Who??

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I was initially approved by United Healthcare with Oxford Rx for both, but then as I was trying to order both, I was told make a decision, we aren’t paying for both…My wife and I chose the Guardians purely for the auto suspend. Kind of hypo unaware…After 36 years, everything starts to fade away…Doctors wanted me to run 150-180 all the time…Felt like ■■■■. My DME is pretty good with supplies, but trying to get both was a no go…Now if the doc gives me a script for the Libre, That might fly…Crossing my fingers.

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Love Animal House…


That’s @Eric, resident expert on everything not technical. :smiley:

That answers my next question. I was told you might be able to get your endo to help get them both approved, but it sounds like you’ve been there and didn’t done that. :smiley:

You can’t see me, but I’m cringing. :confused: But you’re happy in Manual Mode, right? So all’s not lost??

Do you have the updated transmitter at least? Version 2.2?? It can’t turn your Guardian into a G6, but it does really help you not absolutely hate it…


Unless it’s something like self-administered intravenous injections…that’s pretty technical and scary!


Yeah… actually, that was a pretty unfair statement. I can’t exactly say he doesn’t have a handle on technology…

Definitely not our MiaoMiao expert. On anything else, he’s a reference book. :smiley:

Non tech is fine with me…After a while, the numbers all run together…or am I low? Hmmm…
I might try my endo again for a letter of medical necessity…It’s worth a shot.
Well, I am not really happy with Medtronic ATM…I am going to be changing pumps when my wife gets a new job…Hopefully they have better insurance. Now it’s a decision between Tandem or Omnipod…I miss my G6. Yes, I am running the new 2.2 and so far I have not had any issues. They were not too far off when I had them both on…Sometimes the Guardians were more accurate then the G6…

My son loves the G6/Tandem combo with Basal-IQ, he has reduced how many times he needs carbs to handle a big drop to a couple a week, from a couple a day. Fingers crossed the Control-IQ algorithm is a big hit as well later this year.


I’ve heard good things…I was looking into the loop, but the pumps aren’t available…At least, I can’t find any…

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