Which CGM system is more advance, Dexcom, Freestyle Libre or Medtronic?

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CGM is a combination of sensor, transmitter and a reading device which can display glucose readings every 5 minutes without scanning the sensor and also user can get alerts. Dexcom CGM has all of them, they also have Follow application for caregivers. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre sensor with Ambrosia’s bluetooth transmitter BluCon is a better solution than Dexcom, Why? Here is feature comparison you asked for

  1. Readings every 5 minutes without scanning the sensor and alerts
    Libre + BluCon - Y, Dexcom - Y
  2. Follow App for Caregiver to share readings 24/7 in almost real-time on iOS and Android platform
    Libre + BluCon - Y ( FollowBluCon, 20 patients) , Dexcom - Y ( Dexcom Follow, 10 patients)
  3. Can you see readings on Apple watch without the iPhone?
    Libre + BluCon - Y, Dexcom - N
  4. Can you ask Alexa to know glucose levels of people you are following?
    Libre + BluCon - Yes, Dexcom - No

That looks to be some marketing going on there. I would say the basis of a comparison would compare a few more items like sensor accuracy, ease of use, lifetime, size, requirement to buy additional hardware etc etc.

The Libre is a good system, the Dexcom is good system (and what we use), and I have no experience with MDT but haven’t heard great things.


From a completely geeky technology point of view, the Libre uses a second generation sensor as opposed to a first generation system with the Dexcom, however Dexcom has done some fantastic things with their coating systems to minimize the drawbacks from measuring hydrogen peroxide as opposed to directly reducing the FAD centers in the enzyme.

Can you see readings on Sony smartwatch without iPhone?
Libre + BluCon - ??, Dexcom - Y

Can you ask Alexa to know glucose levels of people you are following?
Libre + BluCon - Yes, Dexcom - YES (by using SugarMate)

Couldn’t agree more.

Dexcom MARD is 9.8% while FreeStyle Libre is about 11.2% not a huge difference

Agree, did you look at the thickness of the Dexcom?

To see readings on Sony smartwatch, no need of BluCon just attach the Sony smartwatch as that has NFC. Not sure how many people use Sony watch though

Yeah, the sony watches with NFC are somewhat difficult to find in the wild. That is a frequent question on this forum.

Not sure if comment is for Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre or BluCon. All three are popular enough , they don’t need my help :slight_smile:

We plan to get our son one since it can serve as it’s own collector. No other watch does atm to my knowledge.

But you still need phone with it since it can’t share data yet.

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I guess BluCon does the same what you want Sony watch to do. Also, you can share readings if caregiver is using FollowBluCon app and patient is using LinkBluCon app.

I thought the problem with the Sony Smartwatch was that it didn’t have bluetooth connection capability? So you can’t use apps and set up followers with it. To do that you need the phone.?

For my son he wears them on the back of the arm, so the thickness hasn’t been a huge issue, but wearing them around the belly and waistline, the thickness does play a factor. The libre is 5mm (quite thin) without the BluCon on it, not sure how much that adds. The G6 is a little thicker, don’t have time to look up right now, but the shape is much improved for snagging clothes than the G5

BluCon with Libre is like two Libre stacked together, it does not touch the skin. Good part is they have app for patient which is fairly accurate if you calibrate once in a few days. Also, have app for Caregiver. Having device and apps from same company is much easier to manage than going after different companies.

I do like the Libre, but Dexcom is more accurate. Medtronic is like a very close 16th place. Behind my other sensors and family members shouting out my values. I also really like the fact I can get an updated value with every swipe of the Libre, the best quality of all in my opinion, but it still swings wider than the Dexcom. Can’t argue with the convenient size and yet I’ve still managed to get them snagged, too. Although— probably more of a problem with snagging when I was wearing the MiaoMiao on it.

Anyway. Just my many opinions.




Total agree with you. Have you tried using an armband? That provides extra protection

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I haven’t. I use skin tac, and that usually does the trick. It’s not like the grif grif tape or anything, is it?? I know people really like the stuff, but it’s just a lot of coverage for such a small thing…

@Charlie you need to add the Senseonics CGM to your marketing comparison too. Lowest MARD of the group with the lowest adoption rate most likely due to age on market and insurance. One of our forum members is just embarking on a 6 month trial run (@John58).


Yep, starting 4/1 I will be testing out the Eversense. The feature it has that will (hopefully) be better for me is vibrating alerts on my arm without carrying a receiver, watch, or phone. I am pretty enthused about giving it a whirl!

My $0.02 on Libre vs Dexcom accuracy: When Libre first came out, I tested the 10 day sensors vs. Dexcom G5 and fingersticks and Libre actually seemed a little better at catching peaks and troughs in the BG. Almost like the “15 minute lag” was shorter with Libre than G5. However, I now use my old Libre sensors as “emergency backup” in case I am without Dexcom for a short while and found that the expired 10 day sensors are almost worthless for getting decent accuracy. I used some that were about 6 months past expiration and ended up yanking each off my arm after a few days because the BG numbers were not close to fingerstick. I have used expired Dexcom G5 sensors in the past and never had that problem.

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