Free Dexcom tape from tech support


Yep, I have Flexfix in my closet as well and I cut off slices sometimes to help peeling sides of my DexTape. The dimensions of the Flexfix offer hardly no extra coverage and we like to use our sensors for 2 weeks, so we love to have a big area of “extra” coverage around the sensor tape.


I keep sensors on for 30 days on average (basically as long as they’ll possibly last), though it does require extra taping every so often.

I’ve never tried a larger area of tape.


Wow, I hope we can do this one day! We would keep ours on that long if not for the noise that begins around the 2 week period. You are able to keep 1 sensor on for a whole month without losing data points? That’s incredible.


Oh, no. I lose lots of data, at least with the G4 (might be better with the G5 or G6). Sometimes I go days with no reliable data. I just put up with it because each sensor costs $90, since I have no insurance coverage for CGM. So I don’t pull it unless I go several days with consistent unreliability despite restarting several times. On the days without reliable data, it’s back to testing 10-12 times a day. I would say most of these data-free days happen after week three.