I got a free transmitter from Dexcom

I called up Dex support because of a sensor problem. The applicator did not work, it didn’t retract properly and the sensor stayed stuck to the applicator.

So they were supposed to send me a replacement sensor. But they sent a sensor and transmitter.

I called them back and told them of the mistake and asked if I could send it back to them, and they told me to keep it.

Um…okay. Thanks, I guess. :man_shrugging:


Nice win for you, kind of weird interaction though.

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@Eric That was suppposed to be my transmitter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was nice of you to inform them and nice of them to say, “keep it.”


Good man for even telling them. Lol


They sent me a whole box of G6 sensors a year or so ago when I was on the G5. I called them to tell them about the mixup and offered to send it back. They wouldn’t take it back as well. I knew once I was out of G5 supplies I would order a G6 so it was nice to have some extras.


They whole thing is baked into the retail price. The COGS on a sensor is a probably tiny fraction of what they sell it for but the service cost may be an order of magnitude higher. For instance, each Aenimas pump factored two warranty replacements into the price.

Dexcom can’t re-sell returned items so they’d prefer the positive customer experience of free stuff.


Eric; I have had the applicator problem about 3 times. Each time Dexcom sent me a replacement. They also wanted the defective applicator sent back. I live very close to the Dexcom headquarters so things went very fast. I have never had a transmitter sent with a replacement sensor. That is a good item to have on hand.