Sensor + Transmitter vanished

First time this has happened to me so thought I’d throw it out there…

I was working on my new house, in the attic spreading insulation batts. Up and down the ladder, crawling, balancing, reaching, etc. Long sleeves, gloves, respirator. Got hotter and hotter up there but finished in early afternoon. When I got down and checked my phone, Dexcom app said “Sensor error, wait 3 hours”…followed by “Replace sensor now” an hour later. Time to go home about an hour after that so did nothing sensor-related for another hour.

Got home, took my shirt off to replace the sensor and…sensor and transmitter are gone! Obviously it fell off or was knocked off at the new house about 3 hours prior and I was unaware. So the sensor + transmitter vanished…it could be in the trash, buried in the insulation, or ??. Went back and searched but could not find it with some moderate searching. Sensor was on Day 9 so not a big deal but I hate losing the transmitter. Already started a new transmitter so now I have no spare. Will Dexcom send a replacement transmitter? I submitted the online form but the hold time was too long to get through to tech support.

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@John58 that sucks. If you get in a pickle, DM me.


My guess is Dexcom will replace both sensor and transmitter.

I had both sensor and transmitter mishap last year, and they replaced both.


Agreed, the surprise I felt when I took off my shirt and realized there was no G6 is one I will remember for a while. Almost fell over


Yes I was able to get through on the Chat site. They are calling it a replacement sensor and a courtesy transmitter…shipping out. I can picture a future when we will be cajoled into paying extra for a replacement warranty to cover mishaps like this. Glad those days are not here yet.


They also know that if you don’t have transmitter, you can’t use sensors. Most insurance won’t cover another transmitter, for 90 days since last purchase.


I hope Dexcom maintains its “trust first” customer service. They have always been generous and helpful when I need to call them.