Dexcom dropping the ball

Am I the only one having a terrible time with Dexcom lately? I’d been used to excellent customer service from them but that seems to have completely gone off the rails. I started calling for Dexcom g5 transmitters on July 5 and they still haven’t shipped. I’ve sent 10 emails and made about as many phone calls regarding this and it’s been a total donkey show each time. I’m really becoming disappointed with them. If you can’t count on them to send you the supplies, do I really want to count on the cgm at all?


Based on this forum and others, transmitters are TOS right now. I have an extra to loan if needed.

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I’ve been a little disappointed with dexcom on the customer account side of things. It doesn’t seem like they have a good system of knowing what insurance has paid and what you as a customer owe. To me it seems it should be pretty simple insurance paid x and you owe y. Evidently not that easy.

I knew I owed them money but hadn’t seen a bill from them in months. So I called them and was on the phone with them as they dug through my various orders for them to determine what insurance paid and what I owed. I asked if they were going to bill me and they said they were waiting for my next order. Which made no sense to me. To me that will only delay my next order. I know TMI.

My point is, are you sure you might not owe them $$$ which might be delaying things??

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Nope… there’s been no delay on my end at all. It was a series of goof ups on their part. First my usual account rep is nowhere to be found, so I spent about a week trying her direct line and email before I gave up and called the main line… they made it sound like it was no big deal, my insurance had already authorized the g5 transmitters and they’d ship within a day or two. Well a week or two goes by and they haven’t shipped so I call back and they say my order was delayed because the new g6 receiver (which I didn’t even want) was still pending approval by my insurance… so I told them I don’t want that, just send the g5 transmitters. They said ok. Another week goes by, oops, now my PA for the g5 transmitters has expired. Now they need a new rx for my doc. Now the paperwork from the doc was missing the diagnostic code. Now a week ago they say everything is all set and someone should call me within 1-2 business days to confirm the shipment. That was a week ago. Just really reinforces my natural tendency to not want to have to depend on any of these gadgets…


Dexcom has always been excellent for me. However, I did have an incident a month or two ago where they were going to ship a replacement sensor that never arrived. I called them a week later and they said it was due to some glitch with thier computer system and they would ship it out right away. I received the replacement sensor the next day. Aside from that, never had any issues.

@Sam what’s ironic is that I get quicker service on Dexcom parts from Tandem, than Dexcom. To make it even funnier, Dexcom is doing the shipping when Tandem orders it

YES!!! With my last two orders, Dexcom has had major distribution and customer service problems. I had to call/ email them repeated to finally get my orders shipped. The last representative I spoke to said “Dexcom is aware that their recent rapid growth due to Medicare & G6, has impacted their ability to address customer orders and questions.

I communicated to Dexcom that this is the WORST customer service I’ve ever had from them and unacceptable for a medical device provider (I’ve been using a G5 CGM for 2 years). :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeah my last email to them was more or less a “if you want to send these for free just to make up for the ridiculous hassle then I’d take them, otherwise I think we’re done until you get your act together, this is ridiculous and unacceptable”

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@Sam if your old transmitters still have battery left, you could use xdrip until the new transmitters arrive. Xdrip does not have a 3 month software limit like Dexcom does. Generally speaking the transmittters have up to. life left when Dexcom shuts them. Off.

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Coincidentally I was just searching the Apple App Store for xdrip… am I correct that it must be an android thing? I wonder if Apple has anything that’ll accomplish the same?

Xdrip is an android thing. Apple. Peeps get spike… Almost as good

I can’t find it on the App Store

I don’t think it’s in the App Store but have seen this link to the web site directly.

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I’ve had a handful of problems with Dexcom customer support, usually when it involves them having to wait for some external event, like a call back from a doctor or insurance. They then “put it in the system” but then nothing happens because it seems like the system doesn’t notify anyone when the external event is occurs. Now, I just call every day to check on the status, so that they look it up and if the event has occurred, they will do something about it.

Their customer service reps have all been super nice and helpful so while having to call every day is a chore, at least the phone call is pleasant :slight_smile:

@Sam - From the spike facebook page:

To download Spike sign up at . You will also need to download TestFlight from the App Store . The invitation may take up to 48 -72 hours . After you receive the invitation email just open it in your device and click the blue button that says “Open in TestFlight”.
Current version is 2.2.5 - if you don’t see it in your TestFlight app , close /reopen it and the update should appear .

I have a relative that did this. It was a bit frustrating as normally one downloads an app, installs it and is running in about 15 seconds. But. It is what it is.

I actually had a great customer service incident with Dexcom the other day. I inserted a sensor and got uncontrollable bleeding. The sensor was ruined.

I called Dexcom and told the rep I got “blood poisoning” on my last sensor. She apologized, asked if I had another sensor to use, took my information, and said a new sensor is on the way.

A day and a half later a new sensor was at my front door. Took less than 3 minutes of my time.

I guess it’s just the luck of the draw.

That’s more like what I’d been used to with them historically… but I think they’ve got some prettt serious systemic problems since the g6 came out and maybe since the Medicare changes

@Sam But this was just three days ago. Long after Medicare and the G6 came out.

maybe their warranty returns system is still functioning well… if I could actually get them to send me a product, and it fails, that will be reassuring to know